“Secrets and Lies” S2 E4 Recap: The Detective

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Cornell follows the breadcrumbs right to Liam’s front door.

SECRETS AND LIES - "The Detective" - Eric discovers that he and Danny have more in common than he first believed. The two get closer to finding Liam, but they aren't the only ones who have been hot on his trail. At work, things begin to unravel when Patrick fails to cover for Eric at a big meeting and then gets swept up in Detective Cornell's web of interrogation. And just when Eric begins to get some answers, he is confronted by a huge betrayal, leaving him speechless, on "Secrets and Lies," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond) EDWIN HODGES, MICHAEL EALY

 (ABC/Michael Desmond)


Love her or hate her, Cornell is a top-notch investigator who knows which leads to track down and dissect. At the top of the show, she has two witnesses in the wind: Liam, Kate’s assistant, who may also be Kate’s first child, and an unidentified female party guest who we know is named Carly because the mystery black T-shirt guy is chasing after her also. Plus, Cornell let’s her boss know she’s suspicious of a high level SEG employee with no credible alibi, but she can’t prove he’s lying…yet.

If I were to guess, I’d say that high level employee is Eric’s brother, who we spot in this episode potentially cheating on his wife, or maybe she’s just so decked out in S&M gear it appears as if he’s about to cheat on his wife.


Cornell isn’t the only one hot on Liam’s trail. Eric and the black T-shirt guy know just where to find him. Too bad Cornell has far more fire power. She nabs Liam outside a club — and spots Eric in the process! And, in what will be the funniest line all season, Cornell leans into Eric’s car and says, “Mr. Warner, we’ve got to stop meeting like this.”


Turns out gruff black T-shirt guy has a purpose behind finding Carly. She’s his daughter, Rachel’s, best friend and they recently attended an SEG party together which he has a picture of. In what seems like a super creepy moment, we see a flashback where he tracks down Kate in a baby store to interrogate her on how she may know his daughter. Oh! Also, we finally learn his name is Danny.


While Liam’s in custody, he gives Cornell a few tidbits to work off of. Then, Eric bails him out and manages to also squeeze him for information: Carly was at the company party with Neil, and previously Rachel was in the company’s skybox with Neil. So looks like Neil should be expecting a visit from Eric and Danny. And finally, Eric gets Liam to admit he’s not Kate’s son and had no idea she had one.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)


Eric easily tricks Neil to come to his place where he and Danny attack him for more info. We learn that Carly’s a call girl and Rachel was just tagging along for the ride. Lo and behold, there’s a knock on the door — and it’s none other than Cornell.


Liam wasn’t the only guy Eric had a chance to get pissed at in this episode. Eric also discovered his sister’s husband was stepping out on her. And because Andrea is never one step behind Eric’s private investigation, she’s got the guy in her crosshairs also! In this episode of Cornell Confidential, she brings him in for questioning, and we soon find out Amanda’s husband is soon to be her ex-husband.

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