“Secrets and Lies” S2 E7 Recap: The Statement

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Cornell cracks down on Patrick’s wife Melanie and sees if she’ll break under pressure.


After an eyewitness pointed the finger at Melanie as having exited the security office during the office party right around the time the security footage was known to have been deleted, Cornell’s office brings her in for an interrogation.

Unfortunately for her, her blatant flirting and batting of the eyes gets her nowhere. And although she doesn’t spill the beans, the cops are on to her and know they’ve got their culprit. So, she’s obviously guilty of something, but what?

(ABC/Lisa Tanner)

(ABC/Lisa Tanner)


Turns out her suspicious activity is wrapped up in Patrick’s secret business ventures. On the one hand, Eric is justified in being pissed when he finds out Patrick has wagered the company’s money on a real estate deal that fell through. On the other hand, at least he can wash his hands of fraud — unlike Patrick.


What Patrick may not know about his supportive wife is she’s not only good at covering up for him, but she’s also running a whore house on the side! And she’s managed to keep it under wraps up until this point, but now everyone’s worlds are colliding, and Danny is oh so close to finding his daughter who’s entangled in this hot mess.


Danny isn’t the only one about to get closer to his daughter. Cornell’s daughter trips up and falls off the wagon, landing her right in Andrea’s maternal lap. Plus, Eric stumbles upon a hidden phone in his dad’s desk which leads him to discovering his father may be suffering from cancer.


Eric is hit with surprises around every corner. Besides learning of his brother’s fraud, his sister-in-law’s illegal sex operation, and his father’s health problems, he’s also stuck with the knowledge that his best friend Neil is in love with his sister Amanda. But none of these will compare to the surprise of his life when he finally learns who killed his wife. (My money is still on the secretary).

(ABC/Lisa Tanner)

(ABC/Lisa Tanner)


Sadly, this week’s spotlight on Andrea doesn’t move along our Kate story, but check it out if you’re a fan of Andrea’s at-home troubles with her addict daughter.

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