“Shadowhunters” Finale Recap: Jace Goes Dark Side

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The Shadowhunters finale aired on April 5th and I feel like I have been left with so many questions. I even got a little emotional! Season one ended with an action packed episode full of shocking moments that I still have yet to get over! I am anxiously awaiting season 2!

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Although the television series has deviated from the books, I am perfectly okay with it. I love that even as someone who has been a dedicated fan to the book series, the tv series still found a way to surprise me and do it with such greatness!

When I first heard about Shadowhunters I was very skeptical. The Mortal Instruments series is one of the book series that I truly hold dear to my heart. The show has done such an amazing job of bringing all the characters to life and bringing us even deeper into Clary’s world. The actors/actresses do IMPECCABLE jobs at portraying some of the most beloved couples in the world of fiction.

Magnus and Alec’s relationship is so important because, today’s generation is very progressive. Young people today are more aware of identity than ever before and Malec represents what a lot of teens are going through in today’s society. The struggle of discovering yourself, accepting who you are, learning to love and finally telling the world who you really are. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone involved in the making of Shadowhunters because, for this community, Malec is one of the most important fictional relationships to ever exist. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Alec and Magnus’ story to life and staying true to the characters.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Clary and Jace’s relationship has changed from a romantic relationship to a sibling relationship. How weird is that? Can I just add that Valentine is absolutely awful? If they are sticking to the same story as the books, everyone is in for heart ache and confusion. I just can’t believe Valentine would use Jace’s friends to get him to leave and join his army. But doesn’t that prove that Jace hasn’t fully gone over to the dark side? If he is willing to go with Valentine to save his friends, maybe he has a plan. Jace always has a plan, right?

Jocelyn is back! Boy she has really missed a lot hasn’t she? I wonder what that mother daughter reunion was like. I mean, what do you do after that? Have a sleepover and tell your mom how you fell in love with your brother and even kissed him a couple times? I just need season 2 to be here already!

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