Shadowhunters Recap: Can Alec Be Saved?

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In the new episode of Shadowhunters, “Parabatai Lost”, Jace is frantically trying to get back to his family. Clary and Jace were separated by the current when they jumped into the water. When Jace awakens on the shore he finds the body of the werewolf that Valentine killed. The werewolves only have a few set rules and “blood for blood” is no joke. Spoilers ahead!


Magnus is fighting to keep Alec alive until Izzy and Clary can find Jace and bring him to the institute. They are not the only ones on the hunt for Jace. The werewolves believe that Jace is the one who killed their fellow wolf, Gretel. Luke is trying to find Jace before his pack does so he can talk with Jace and find out if he was responsible for Gretel’s death. Victor still considers Jace to a fugitive.

Victor refuses to let Magnus and Izzy take Alec to get treatment with their parents. He saw right through their plan and even banned Magnus from the institute if he could not cure Alec. Izzy and Magnus came up with a plan to get Alec to Magnus’ apartment. They knocked out a guard and glamoured him to look like Alec. Izzy stayed behind with the guard so Magnus could get away with the real Alec and try to heal him.

Victor saw through Izzy’s glamour. He threatened Jace’s life, knowing that the werewolves were closing in on him. Izzy struck a deal with Victor. If he allowed a portal to open for her to reach Jace and Clary so she could get them to Alec in time, she would turn Jace over to him herself.

Clary met up with Luke and convinced him to stop his pack. They finally found Jace, cornered by the werewolf Maia, and Clary confirmed that Valentine was actually who killed Gretel. The wolves retreated and Jace was free to go and save his brother.

Can we talk about the parabatai throwback cuteness? The entire episode Alec is stuck in all of his old memories with Jace. Much of which included their parabatai training and ceremony. When Jace walked into the room where Alec lay almost lifeless, Alec was simultaneously walking into the room where their parabatai ceremony took place. Jace picks up the stone and starts reciting the same words they spoke to each other that day. Alec seems to start slipping away and lets out one seemingly final breath. The room is filled with tears and Jace repeating “Please don’t leave me.”

Alec finally wakes up and finishes the last sentence of the parabatai promise. Jace and Alec are in a tight emotional embrace when Victor and several shadowhunters enter Magnus’ apartment and arrest Jace. Victor announces that Jace will be sent to the City of Bones until his trial.

Can we take in the fact that Simon was dealing with an alcoholic mother all the while this was going on? Even in a world full of vampires, werewolves and shadowhunters. Reality always finds us. What was your favorite part of this week’s episode? What do you think will happen to Jace? Will Simon ever find Camille? Tweet us @PopHeartsTV!

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