“Married At First Sight” Season 4, Episode 9: Baby Come Back

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Week six of marriage is creeping up on our two couples this season of “Married At First Sight.” Nick sings the ‘Baby Come Back’ blues to Sonia while Tom wants more attention from Lily. Overall this episode is pretty tame compared to other episodes and surprisingly no drama; however there are only two weeks left in the couples’ marriages, so we can only imagine what kind of rollercoaster ride these next few weeks will be.

("Married At First Sight"/ Nick Wants Sonia Back)

(“Married At First Sight”/ Karolina Wojtasik)

Nick and Sonia

Previously Sonia packed up her stuff and left her and Nick’s home after Nick screamed out loud he didn’t find her attractive. He obviously apologized, but Sonia isn’t sold on the idea of moving back in with him so soon after he hurt her. Nick really wants Sonia to come back home, but the damage is done. In order to restore some normalcy to their relationship, Sonia and Nick work on their friendship by feeding the homeless in downtown Miami. This is a cause near and dear to Sonia, so it’s a smart move by Nick to help her make sandwiches and hand them out. During their sandwich delivery Sonia tells the camera, “I’m seeing Nick try harder today than I’ve ever seen him try before.” What’s even more frustrating about this relationship is that Nick continuously tells us during his one-on-one interviews that he wishes Sonia would come back home and how much he misses having her in the house, but he never says this to her face!!! While Nick continues to sing the ‘Baby Come Back’ blues to the camera, which is NOT helping his relationship at all, Sonia’s slaying the strong, independent woman game. You Go Girl!!!

Oh, but how quickly her walls come down. Nick and Sonia celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way, with LOTS of tequila and friends at their house. Sonia drinks too much and decides to “sleep over” with Nick at their home. We definitely know there was most likely zero to no sleeping involved, which totally screws up their emotional and relationship dynamic. In a way, Sonia did kind of come back to her home with Nick even if for one night. The experts suggest Sonia move back in, because her living on her own is only going to damage their relationship. Nick and Sonia will not be able to repair their friendship or grow emotionally if she does not move back in.

So we’ve got to ask: Should Sonia move back in?


Tom and Lily

Their love for one another is so apparent, and even though they haven’t said it to each other, you can tell they are definitely in love with one another. Tom and Lily are seriously the happiest couple PopHearts TV has ever seen on “Married At First Sight.” Lily is a workhorse and enjoys working almost to a fault. Tom is enjoying the time they have together and all Lily can think of is work, money, work, money. He notices her lack of attention and tells us how irritating and annoying her lack of communication has become. He also feels he’s giving their marriage 100% whereas Lily is only giving it 65% because she is not listening to him wholeheartedly. Lily is often sidetracked or consumed by her phone and computer. Tom and Lily celebrate their one month anniversary with a beautiful dinner and a vow renewal. Of course Tom comes prepared wearing his heart on his sleeve, but to our astonishment (cue sarcasm) Lily does not have time to prepare her vows due to work. Once again, we applaud her for being a boss woman, but she needs to realize time is ticking. Despite her vow fail, she surprises Tom with a hand drawn portrait of him surfing. Tom and Lily go bowling with friends and Lily admits to her friend she LOVES Tom. She says it, in Spanish, but nonetheless she still says the ‘L’ word! Now it’s only a matter of time before she is saying it to his face, can’t wait to see how that goes over!!!!

We’re curious… will Tom respond well when Lily tells him she loves him?

Next week we see our couples encounter more unexpected hurdles in their relationship, and Heather and Derek are back in the picture! Will they reconcile or move on? Stay tuned to PopHeartsTV.com to find out!

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