SydneyRay Releases Debut Single “Big” LISTEN!

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It’s finally her time to rise!

Singer and Songwriter, SydneyRae is making a big impact on the music industry today. She released her debut single “Big” and it’s absolutely amazing! Listen Below!

My favorite lyrics:

“It’s gonna be my time, it’s gonna be my time to rise. This fire inside me is gonna rule the world tonight.”
Well, SydneyRay is definitely a light who’s music will rule the world, there’s no doubt about it.

About SydneyRay:

The Long Island native draws from the influences of Alessia Cara and Sara Bareilles, hoping that she can empower people all over the world. It was Sara’s music who helped her as an 11-year-old, when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. The music motivated her to fight through a multitude of medical tests and difficult treatments. Now, she hopes to empower others!

Facing all of the challenges that come with a lifelong, chronic illness, she began writing her own lyrics in a journal. On Tuesday, the singer wrote on Instagram, “This book contains every song I’ve ever written Crazy to think that my lyrics will soon be shared with everyone 3 days.”

With her new original songs, SydneyRae hopes to share her raw emotions, and offer motivation to anyone facing challenges in their life.

Make sure to download “Big” on iTunes today!

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