“The Bachelor” Week 3 Recap: Justice For Bibiana

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If you thought last week’s group date was aggressive, wait until you read about this week’s! Just when I was starting to be optimistic about Arie as “The Bachelor,” he threw some unexpected curve balls at us. Keep reading to find out what I mean.


This week’s group date was yet another humiliating and potentially dangerous experience. Have you ever heard of the show GLOW “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling?” Yeah, neither have I.  Two older GLOW wrestlers come on the show to toughen up the women and teach them how to fight. Basically these women emotionally abuse the girls and make them cry. Bibiana gets called pathetic and they make fun of her name. If that wasn’t enough, they are told they are going to be wearing objectifying costumes during the fights! Most of the women get sexy costumes except for Bibiana who is a “bridezilla.” #JusticeForBibiana The producers try to get the women hyped and not so full of regret by throwing Arie in the ring with KENNY! I don’t think this had the effect they intended because Arie got absolutely creamed.

“I’m the bridezilla and I’m about to eat these bitches for lunch!” – Bibiana

Krystal Meth

Krystal’s voice makes me want to do drugs. At the cocktail party, Krystal pulls Arie aside first, yet again. She’s wondering if she should just sit back and relax the rest of the season or if Arie wants her to continue being aggressive. By Arie’s usual lack of concrete response, Krystal assumes she needs to keep up the aggression. Bibiana uses her time to complain about Krystal and of course Arie is turned off. When will these girls ever learn? Baby spice (Bekah) and Arie have a chance to discuss past relationships. Arie is obviously wondering about Bekah’s age and experience level but doesn’t want to flat out ask. She says her longest realtionship was about 2-3 years which I assume was in high school? Baby spice ends up getting the group date rose.

Word Vomit

Lauren S. was picked by Arie to go wine tasting in Napa Valley. Well, I’m not sure if it was the wine or her compensating for Arie’s lack of basic communication skills, but Lauren could just not stop talking! She talked and talked and when Arie finally did get a word in, it was to send her home. We all saw it coming. The chemistry wasn’t there.

Life is Ruff

I’m happy to report that the second group date was better and less humiliating… kinda. The women got to hangout with puppies! Everyone was excited except for Annaliese. Annaliese is afraid of dogs *Que dramatic music.* Apparently she had a traumatic experience with dogs too. Anyway, the women are supposed to perform with the dogs on stage. The dogs refuse to participate in tricks and basically the best in show was Annaliese who was just picking up dog poop. At the cocktail party Annaliese feels like she needs time with Arie that isn’t talking about her life trauma. She pulls him aside and it’s clear that he is not into her at all.

Justice For Bibana

At the rose ceremony cocktail party, Bibiana sets up a romantic little spot to impress Arie. This plan fails miserably because everyone but Bibiana uses the set up to enjoy time with Arie. Bekah challenges Arie which he apparently really likes. I like Bekah but I can’t help cringing when they make-out because he still doesn’t know how young she is. Arie set up a special place for Tia which included hay bales and moonshine. I thought this was slightly offensive but apparently she felt special. Annaliese made a last attempt to kiss Arie and he straight up rejected her and sent her home before the rose ceremony. Bibiana didn’t get a rose and honestly I’m pissed. #JusticeForBibiana

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