“The Bachelor” Week 4 Recap: She’s Too Young For You Bro!

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This week “The Bachelor” train took us to Lake Tahoe, Nevada where the girls faced some of the biggest challenges yet! Did they actually have to drink their own pee to prove they’re here for the right reasons? Keep reading to find out!

I Got 99 Problems But Taxidermy Ain’t One

No one is more jazzed to be in Tahoe than Kendall. There is literally stuffed animals hanging all over the walls. While she’s frolicking among all the dead animals, the rest of the girls are questioning Bekah M. Bekah and Arie are 14 years apart and the girls are seriously wondering if he even knows this fun little fact.

Out of His League

Seinne got the first one-on-one this week. There was so much energy coming from Seinne, and Arie just kind of sat there like “mrp.” She was so lively and charismatic in the way she articulated herself and I just really started to like her as a person. I don’t know about her and Arie though. I honestly feel like she just might be too good for him. Arie ends up giving her the rose and she’s extremely happy and hopeful. Meanwhile back at the house, Maquel gets some bad news. Her grandfather passed away and she leaves immediately. This is super tragic buuut does this get her an automatic rose? Is she coming back?

Survival of the Glamest

I take back what I’ve said every other week. This week’s group date was definitely the worst! The girls are going to learn the challenges of relationships by facing the challenges of the wilderness. Yeah, because that’s the same. Relationships are clearly harder. The date starts off with a couple of unqualified pro-survivalists telling the girls to pee in a bottle and drink it. Wait, what?! Kendall is honestly the only one thriving on this date. She’s totally in her element. Also, I really want to know if this date was sponsored by Timberland because literally every girl is wearing a pair.
“I would drink my pee for Arie.” – Jenna

Drama Queen

At the group date after party, Krystal decides to confide in Arie and tell him that she feels like there is target on her back because she got a date so early on. Arie comforts her by telling her she probably makes the other women feel insecure. I wanted to throw up everywhere when Arie said that. Arie, we know you’re old but you are not these girls’ father! Tia attempts to steal Arie from Krystal but since Krystal is mid dramatic breakdown, she asks Arie to tell Tia he needs another minute AND HE DOES IT. Arie, why are you so dumb?! After confiding in Arie Krystal decides to confront Tia and Caroline and tell them that she’s been feeling victimized by them. Caroline shows mercy but Tia lets her have it! Tia eventually gets time with Arie and there is such a genuine connection there that she ends up getting the group date rose!

She’s Too Young for you Bro!

The second one-on-one this week was with Bekah M. Arie is 100% into Bekah. I really do think she is slightly too young for him and it’s not even just the physical age. Bekah is such a free spirit with this massive personality and Arie is basically retired. Another part of me feels that Bekah might actually be good for Arie because she brings out a different side of him. Like on all the other dates the women do most of the talking and Arie just sort of sits there like a lump on a log. With Bekah he does most of the talking. He eventually shares a concern about her “readiness” to settle down. She then shares her age with him which he didn’t know. Bekah is 22 and you can tell Arie is slightly freaked out by this. He admits he’s worried about her age and scared to emotionally invest in her. For a second there I really didn’t think he was going to give her a rose. I’m honestly not sure if this made Arie want her more or less. Now Bekah is like the forbidden fruit that grandpa Arie just has to have… ugh.

Sweet Caroline

At the rose ceremony cocktail party, Chris Harrison walks in and announces that there will be no cocktail party with Arie. Instead, Arie has made up his mind and they will be moving straight to the rose ceremony. I honestly like when they do this! Let’s not waste anymore time. Arie is prepared to start handing out roses and in an attempt to save her ass one last time, Krystal asks to speak to him. No Krystal! That’s not how this works! Arie actually allows this which is extremely annoying. How is that fair to anyone else?! She ends up getting a rose but Caroline and Brittany do not. I was really sad about the girls Arie decided to send home! I was really starting to like Caroline!

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