“The Bachelor” Week 5 Recap: Hurricane Krystal

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Hurricane Krystal shook things up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week and finally gave us the cringe-worthy disaster we’ve all been waiting for! Keep reading for the horrifying details.

Chelsea’s Turn

Chelsea got the first one-on-one date this week. Chelsea is someone who really confuses me because at the beginning of the season she seemed like she’d be the villain. Since then she hasn’t been in the spotlight much and she seems fairly collected and mature. On their date, Chelsea opens about her past. Basically her ex was someone older than her who had money. She didn’t have much growing up and he offered her a life of comfort. When their son was 6 months old, he left her for another woman. Arie ended up giving her a rose.

Not Just Fun & Games

This weeks group date was a bowling competition. The women divided up into two teams and the winning team would have the opportunity to attend the after party with Arie. Krystal’s team ended up winning but Arie decided to have the other team come to the party anyway. Krystal was PISSED. She straight up called Arie a liar and told the other girls she wasn’t going to the after party. She says Arie was disrespectful to her team and her stuff is all packed up and she’s not going to the party.

Temper Tantrum

Arie shows up the party and asks for Krystal. The girls tell him what happened and he just says, “Man, well that’s awkward.” Krystal still got her way because he decided the right thing to do was to go check on her. Krystal explains to Arie how she felt disrespected and he tells her that couples can’t run away from their problems. He basically tells her to stay there while he goes and hangs out with the other women but that he isn’t happy with her behavior. He says, “I’ll see you in a few days” and leaves. I thought Arie was finally going to grow a pair and send her home but he didn’t.

Gators & Gerald

Tia got the second one-one-one and I suppose they tried to cater to her likes on this date because her and Arie hung out with gators and some dude named Gerald. Gerald lives on the everglades and presents them with a bunch of fried animals. Tia and Arie are extremely affectionate and the physical attraction is definitely there. Tia tells Arie she’s falling in love with him and he gives her the rose.

Krystal Vs. Everyone

Krystal feels like the other women gang up on her. She tells them that if they want to talk to her about something, that they can do it individually. Kendall immediately takes Krystal up on this offer and shortly after so do Tia and Bekah. When Krystal finally gets a chance to talk to Arie, he tells her that she has to be more mindful because he doesn’t want to lose what they have. Ugh, I could puke. She starts blaming her actions on her childhood and upbringing and he actually buys it! He tells her that he needs someone he can count on.
“This is our first fight!” – Krystal
“It could be our last.” – Arie

Rose Ceremony

Arie gives Krystal a rose and Maquel, Marikh, and Ashley all go home. Great, we get to deal with Krystal for another week.

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