“The Bachelorette” Season Finale Recap

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This was by far the most emotionally draining season finale of “The Bachelorette” ever! If you thought you knew how this season was going to end, you were probably wrong. Keep reading to find out exactly what i’m talking about.

Puzzling Peter

We left off two weeks ago on Rachel and Peter’s date. Peter asks Rachel what she’d do if he’s not ready to propose at the end of this. Rachel is definitely perplexed by this idea. Here is Peter, a guy she really cares for, and he’s straight out telling her that if she picks him, she may not get the proposal she’s dreaming about. She wonders if he’ll ever be able to commit. Although their date may not be going exactly how she’d hope, they agree to stay the night in the fantasy suite anyway. They both wake up pretty giddy so we assume they had those much needed conversations.

‘This morning I feel really good about our relationship.” – Peter

Bound Brian

While out with Brian, Rachel is super distracted and he’s definitely noticing. Peter got into Rachel’s head with all his confusion. Brian tells Rachel he feels like something is off and she immediately feels guilty. His ability to talk to her about how he’s feeling is something she really admires about him. They agree to spend the night in the fantasy suite together, and again things seemed to go well because they woke up a pretty happy couple.

The Last Rose Ceremony

The outcome of this rose ceremony was hard to predict. I really couldn’t tell which direction Rachel was going to go. I was pretty caught off guard when she sent Eric home. Sweet Eric kept it super classy though. He told Rachel he’ll always love her and he’ll miss her. She was really emotional about her decision but it had to happen.

Brian’s Last Date

“I’m confident that I can make you the happiest. I think it would be a mistake if you didn’t choose me. I’d be heartbroken. It will devastate me.” – Brian

Peter’s Last Date

Unlike our boy Brian, Peter isn’t so sure he’s ready to get down on one knee. He doesn’t know if she’s “the one,” He just knows he isn’t ready to say goodbye.
“You definitely need to figure that out.” – Rachel
“I love you but these feelings are so recent, I don’t think i’m ready to propose to you tomorrow but i’m not ready to say goodbye to you.”
This date was super confusing and emotional. After this conversation they both say “I love you” and they are both hysterically sobbing. They said goodbye and it seemed like it was for the last time. Rachel had a hard time walking away but after having relationships with men that can’t commit, she’s sure this is what she needs to do. I guess this was a breakup but it was hard to tell.

The FINAL Rose

Rachel was looking flawless on her final day. She’s hoping she can get her head away from the breakup the night before and be fully present for what was about to happen. Brian and Rachel exchange some beautiful words and finally Brian drops down on one knee and proposes! The rest is history. I really feel that Rachel and Brian will be a happy couple and spend their lives together. Congrats to the happy couple!

Closing Thoughts

I really feel that Rachel made the right choice. There was a part of me that felt that she loved Peter more but I believe that Brian will make her the happiest. I just hope Brian can look past what went down between Peter and his new fiance.

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