“The Bachelorette” Week 3 Recap: Whabye

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This week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” got dirty… and yes I’m talking about mud wrestling. Get your head out of the gutter! Keep reading to find out what other crazy dates Rachel took her men on!

Demoted DeMario

Last week we left off with Rachel heading over to talk to DeMario. This week we saw him apologizing and asking Rachel if he could have another chance and earn her trust back.

Meanwhile, the other men are standing by eavesdropping and completely judging DeMario. He told Rachel she’s the woman of his dreams and he doesn’t want to give up.

Then our girl Rachel rejects him in the best possible way. She tells him that she needs a man and that she knows he wants to move forward but forward is not this way. Yaas queen!

The men were so impressed and relieved at how she handled the situation. They all gained respect for her and now understand how seriously she’s taking this.

The rest of the rose ceremony goes well until the Blake and Lucas feud took over again. Lucas approaches Rachel about Blake and says he’s not very credible because he once stood above Lucas’ bed and sexually ate a banana. Rachel confronted Blake about this and he said that can’t be true because he doesn’t eat carbs. Why is this even a thing?!


Well folks… some rose ceremonies do have happy endings because Rachel sent both Lucas and Blake home! I love this girl! Blake is actually shocked he’s going home, which makes it all just a little better. I thought the worst was over until Whaboom and his arch-nemesis started bickering in the courtyard. I can’t even begin to describe what the argument looked like, so here are some quotes.

“You’re the whaboom clown, I’m the nice gentleman.” – Blake

“Just get back to your $%*# garbage clown life, dude.” – Lucas

“Let me know when you change the world one Whaboom at a time.” – Blake

Never Have I Ever

The first group date this week took the men and Rachel on the set of “The Ellen Show.” Ellen asks Rachel if she’s kissed anyone or seen the men shirtless. Rachel admits to kissing someone who swept her off her feet but she sadly says she hasn’t seen anyone shirtless and is hoping for a pool party soon.

Well on Ellen, ask and you shall receive. Ellen has the men take their shirts off and dance in the audience to collect money. All the men with the exception of the “tickle monster,” did really well. Rachel was stoked to see them all shirtless.

Next, Ellen has the men play “Never Have I Ever.” The most interesting thing we discover is that Alex peed in the bachelor mansion pool… awkward. You can’t even be mad at him though. *heart eye emoji*

Cringe Worthy

At the group date after party, Rachel is feeling the romance with a lot of the men. She’s on a kissing spree. Fred has decided he wants to step us his romance game so that Rachel sees him differently. He’s been waiting to kiss her for 20 years. He explains to her that he’s been waiting for the right moment but he doesn’t want to wait anymore. Then he asked her if he could kiss her and it was hard to watch. She flat out told him that she felt awkward so then he just went for it and it got even weirder.

Everyone watching could feel that there was zero electricity in that kiss. Fred felt differently. After kissing Rachel he said he could picture her as his bride. Poor Fred… clueless clueless Fred.

Towards the end of the date, Rachel grabbed the rose and pulled Fred aside. I really think Fred thought he was getting the rose but instead, Rachel sent him home. She told him she just couldn’t reciprocate the feelings he has for her. Alex ended up getting the group date rose. *Heart eye emoji*

“I was falling in love with her.” – Fred

Horsing Around

Anthony got the one-on-one date this week. He and Rachel spent the date riding around Rodeo Drive on horses. There really isn’t much to say about this date other than that Anthony seems mature and nice and he got the rose.


Ladies Choice

Eric’s having a hard time this week. He feels like he hasn’t had a lot of time with Rachel and there hasn’t been enough passion. He’s questioning whether or not this show works and wants to straight out ask Rachel how she’s feeling about him. He might get his chance to because he got selected for the second group date.

The second group date of the week was hosted by Rachel’s girls from last season. They decided to make the men mud wrestle. Their job is to not only host the date but also help Rachel analyze the men. Raven asks two of the men who they thought wasn’t there for the right reasons and they both said Eric. Raven brings this to Rachel’s attention. The rest of the date is spent mud wrestling.


The majority of the girls like Dean. At the after party, Kenny admits that he used to be a Chippendale dancer. Why are we not surprised? Eric talks about his feelings and Rachel tells him what Bryce and Lee told Raven. Eric then approaches Lee and it doesn’t end well for them but Eric ended up getting the group date rose anyway.

“Lee has a lot of snake in his DNA.” – Eric


Eric VS. The Men

At the rose ceremony, Iggy is mad that Eric has a rose and decides to confront Rachel about it. He makes Eric sound bad and tells Rachel that he’s just protective of her. Iggy then tells Eric that he talked to Rachel about him. Then Lee takes his turn talking to Rachel about Eric. He says Eric was yelling at Iggy the other night. Rachel decides this is getting out of hand and talks to Eric. She let him keep his rose but told him that her antennas are up now.

Eric and Lee get into it again and Eric tells him to mind his own business. I’m sort of siding with Eric on this one. Lee is being a snake and sticking his nose in places it doesn’t belong. You already know my pet peeve is men that obsess over other men. Rachel can figure things out for herself! Things definitely blow up next week. Watch to find out what happens!

Tune in Monday 6/19 at 8/7c on ABC to see what happens between Lee and Eric!

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