“The Bachelorette” Week 6 Recap: Countdown to Hometowns

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We’re getting down to the wire on Rachel’s journey to find love! This week was all about figuring out who was continuing on to hometown dates. With the chance of Rachel meeting their families looming over the men’s heads, there was a lot of added pressure and emotions. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Geneva, Switzerland

This week Rachel took the men to Geneva, Switzerland. Although this is the perfect setting to find love, it was also the perfect setting for Rachel to take a closer look at her relationships. This week there was no rose ceremony. Rachel told the men they’d either be getting a rose on the dates or not. Bryan received the first one-on-one. The men were frustrated by this but I think it’s just due to the seriousness of this week.

Bold Brian

For Bryan’s date, Rachel decided to spend the day spoiling him. She picked him up in a Bentley and they headed to the Breitling store to get matching watches. Bryan probably didn’t need all this reassurance because he’s super confident in his and Rachel’s relationship. She admires his confidence and constantly reminds him that that’s what she likes about him. There is no doubt that these two have great chemistry. He loves her and she admits that it doesn’t scare her to hear that from him. At the dinner portion of their date, Brian starts talking about a past relationship. Apparently the girl he was seeing broke up with him because she couldn’t get along with his mom. Instead of freaking out about this, Rachel is just happy Brian shared this with her. She says every time she sees him, she sees a new side of him and falls even harder for him. Brian gets the rose! I guess we’ll be meeting Brian’s family!

“Brian makes me feel like his princess.” – Rachel

Distressed Dean

Dean got the second one-on-one date in Geneva. Dean has a lot of anxiety because he’s not sure he’s ready for Rachel to meet his family. Rachel and Dean spend the day walking around town and exploring. You can tell Dean has something on his mind because he isn’t being his usual self. At the dinner portion of their date, Rachel tries to dig deep. She asks Dean to tell her more about himself. Dean responds with, “do you believe in the tooth fairy?” Then follows that up with, “what’s your favorite dinosaur?” Obviously he was avoiding talking about something. She told him that something was off on their date and she needs to learn more about him. Dean decided to come clean and agrees that their date was weird. He tells Rachel he really likes her but he’s scared of putting himself out there because the looming hometowns are making him nervous. Dean says, “my family is not going to be the family that you want to see.” Dean admits to feeling scared that Rachel will judge him because of his family. She puts his mind at ease and gives him the rose. Once Dean got that off his chest, the rest of the date went a lot better.

Passionate Peter

Peter got the third one-one-one. Back at the house, the other three men were extremely confused as to why they weren’t getting the one-on-ones. Matt and Adam still have not had their first one-on-one and these other man were already on round two. It made them feel like she had stronger relationships with the other men. For Peter’s date, Rachel took him to the Swiss Alps on a helicopter. She made it a point to tell him that he received the very first one-on-one of the season and the very last. Hmmm… I think it’s obvious that Peter and Rachel have a strong connection. Peter brings up how he’s been having a hard time and how he’s even thought about leaving. Rachel thanks him for staying but it scares her that he’s thought about that. At dinner, the two start to talk about hometowns. Rachel asks him if he’s ever taken home a black girl. He says he doesn’t take many girls home at all. Then he talks about his past relationship and how he still carries the guilt with him that it didn’t work out. He talked about how he felt like he abandoned her. I thought that was strange. Then finally Peter says, “I don’t throw around love that often but it’s definitely along that path.” He gets the rose.

Process of Elimination

Eric, Matt, and Adam got the group date this week. She has to say bye to two of these men. That CAN’T be a fun date. We know her and Eric have a good connection already. He’s really the only guy of the three that she’s had a lot of time with. Matt and Adam haven’t gone on a one-on-one at all. She pulls Matt aside to talk. I didn’t really see a connection between these two. Rachel says out of all the guys, he reminds her the most of herself. She also tells him that she has stronger relationships with other people and maybe under different circumstances they could’ve made it but in this scenario it just didn’t work out for them. She sends him home and she was probably the most emotional we’ve seen her. Next, she has to choose between Adam and Eric. Rachel says Adam is optimistic and excited and that she needs that. He says all the right things. Eric makes Rachel nervous but there is just something between him. She ended up sending Adam home and I was honestly surprised. Eric says he has never taken a girl home, so this will be the first time. I can’t wait for hometowns!

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