“The Bachelorette” Week 7 Recap: Hometowns

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We NEED to talk about hometowns. On this season of “The Bachelorette,” hometown dates were probably the worst ever. I’m talking total train wreck. From terrifying moms to painful family reunions, keep reading to get all the cringe worthy details.

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Good Morning Baltimore

You gotta love Eric. Although according to him, his hometown is anything but lovable. We learned that Baltimore is one of the top 10 roughest cities and Eric even took a moment to point out a drug deal happening on the corner. Aside from Eric’s gloomy tour, his all-female family is actually very welcoming. Eric’s never brought a girl home so he’s not really sure how this is going to go down. Eric’s family can see that Eric is really into Rachel and they all agree that they like her. Towards the end of the date, Eric tells Rachel he loves her and what that means for him. Rachel admits that she’s falling for Eric.


The only thing worth talking about from Brian’s hometown is his crazy mother. We already had an idea that she’d be crazy since Brian told Rachel his last girlfriend left because she couldn’t get along with his mom. Yikes! The entire time at Brian’s house, there was a male figure present. Was that Brian’s father? His mother was so overbearing we didn’t even get introduced to the other people in the house! Brian’s mom made it pretty clear that she didn’t feel comfortable with how much her son liked Rachel. She seemed terrified actually. Rachel and her potential monster-in-law did get some alone time together though. During that time, Brian’s mom took the opportunity to warn Rachel. She told Rachel that if you marry Brian, you marry the whole family and “if he’s not happy, I’ll kill you.” At the end of this terrifying date, Brian told Rachel he loves her.

Commitment Phobe?

Peter’s hometown was surprisingly okay except for the fact that he may not be ready to get engaged. Rachel has fears that Peter’s walls won’t come down. Peter introduces Rachel to a group of his friends before introducing her to his family. His friends like her and think she’s genuine. He’s hoping his friends and family will give him clarity. His mom tells Rachel that she feels he’s ready for a commitment but not necessarily an engagement. Can Rachel deal with that? She’s def here to get engaged…

Family Reunion

ATV’s and picnics, this hometown date started off well. That didn’t last long though. This date was hard to watch. I had so many feels for Dean. Let’s break it down. Dean hasn’t seen his dad in two years. His dad has converted to Sikhism. Rachel is the first woman to meet all of Dean’s family under one roof. Dean doesn’t have a great realtionship with his dad because he felt abandoned by him after his mother past away. Yup, that’s a lot to swallow. Dinner was awkward and things got even worse when Dean got into a disagreement with his dad. Poor Dean. Rachel spent the last portion of the date comforting him and making out with him on his dad’s living room floor.

Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony. Rachel was very emotional. She ended up letting Dean go. This just was not a good week for Dean. 🙁

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