“The Bachelorette” Week 8 Recap: Rachel’s Hometown & Fantasy Suites

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If you thought the men’s hometowns were interesting, wait until you find out what went down when Rachel took the boys home. Her family’s opinions may surprise you. Keep reading to find out what they thought of the remaining men.


The guys are questioning Peter’s pace and feelings for Rachel. The fact that he just may not be able to get engaged at the end of this all is really stumping everyone. Before meeting the family, peter tells Rachel that he’s falling in love with her and she says it back! Meeting the parent’s went well for Peter. He gave the best little speech about how much he cares and loves Rachel. While talking to Rachel’s mom, Peter tells her he doesn’t know if he’s necessarily going to be ready to propose at the end of this and he doesn’t want to ask for permission until he’s sure she’s the girl for him. Rachel’s mom surprisingly liked what Peter was saying. She felt like it was real and not forced.


Eric say’s he hasn’t met a significant other’s family since Prom… yikes. I was nervous for Eric. He ends up saying all the right things to her family and even talks a bit about his unconventional childhood. Rachel’s sister is questioning whether Eric and Rachel are on the same playing field in terms of experience. He tells her sister that he loves Rachel unconditionally. Eric also takes the opportunity to ask Rachel’s mom for permission to propose to Rachel. Her mom says she trusts Rachel’s judgement and if that’s what she decides, she’s okay with it. Her mom is kind of a hard ass if you couldn’t tell.


Bryan is the only of the guys that got to meet Rachel’s girlfriends and he passed the “friend test.” Now I know Bryan is one smooth guy but his date was anything but smooth. When talking to her family he mentioned that his mom is the number one woman in his life… whyyy. He also talked about how much he loves Rachel which turned out to be a red flag for her mom. Her mom is just not comfortable with him using the word “love.” Rachel’s mom also asks where Bryan’s loyalty would lay between his wife and his mom. He says his wife, but I don’t believe him for a second. Rachel gets annoyed by her mom and the rest of her family for picking apart Bryan so much. Her sister doesn’t feel like Bryan is sincere and she says there are red flags. They just don’t like that he has an answer for everything and that it comes to him so fast. Rachel tells her mom she’s falling in love with Bryan and her mom says that makes her uncomfortable. Rachel’s mom doesn’t believe that you can find love in such a short amount of time.

La Rioja, Spain

Rachel takes the men to Spain for their much anticipated fantasy suite dates. Eric gets the first date. There is really nothing to say about this date other than the fact that it went well and they spent the night together in the fantasy suite. She asks him if he’s ready to get down on one knee and get engaged and he says yes because he  loves her. Peter’s date was less seamless. Peter tells Rachel that he didn’t ask her mom for permission to marry her. He just knows he wants to continue dating her. He says engagement is marriage and he only wants to do it once. Rachel feels devastated by Peter’s words. Basically they both love each other but for some reason, they are saying different things. I’m personally totally confused by this situation. Rachel says for the first time, she’s feeling like maybe she and Peter won’t work out.

To be continued…

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