“The Fosters” S4 E4 Recap: Now For Then

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Ah yes! The Fosters has left us with a jaw drop and wanting more yet again. Where do I even begin? The episode “Now for Then” had a few OH-EM-GEE moments that we just have to go straight into!

Let us start with Callie and AJ. So AJ is now a student at Anchor beach and Callie’s partner in crime for her senior project. Callie decided on taking pictures of all the past homes she has lived in and tell a story of what happened at each home. Though we don’t get to see all the homes we did see one where she was happy and the other that had not so good memories. Ya’ll remember Liam? Callie’s foster brother, that raped her, and is now in jail? Well yea thats the house with obviously not so good memories. While Callie is there, her old foster mom arrives. She asked her to go inside to talk. Talk? More like make Callie feel bad! Foster mom tells Callie that she is sorry for bringing her into the home,because Callie ruined their lives (according to foster mom). That is because Liam is in jail and she and her husband are getting a divorce. Before Callie leaves she goes up to her old bedroom and takes pictures of her stuff. The next day Callie visits Sheila, her other foster mom, but at this home she was treated with love. While talking to Sheila she learns that her foster dad Tom passed away and foster brother Kyle was adopted by them and was currently in juvenile hall for murder. This was so hard for Callie to process since she remembers Kyle being os sweet. Any who, she mentions all this to AJ, but AJ thinks that even though she is Super Callie, she can not do anything about it. Oh guess again AJ! She knows that one guy she kissed, while still being with you who works at a juvenile justice center, remember? Oh wait, you don’t because that secret is not out of the bag yet. Oh my, have I said too much? Well what do you think? Callie meets up with Aaron, the cute law student. First she confessed about her lying about her name and age. Then asked him if he knew anything about the Kyle Snow case. What will happen next? Well we will find out next week, hopefully!

So Lena is close to being terminated from her position as an assistant principal because the board found out she hired the twins birth father, Gabe; a sex offender to work on the set of R&J. She mentioned to Stef that they can pay $20,000 to have Gabe’s name removed from the list and it will look like he was never registered. When they ask Gabe, he is agains it. He’s afraid to go back to jail. He thinks that pleading guilty and relocating is a better choice. When Jesus talks to him he breaks down and changes his mind. However, we gotta give Mike some credit too. After a disagreement with Ana, because she wants to help Gabe, Mike calls Helen, the woman from ADA and puts in a good word for Gabe! Awe! That’s why you call family!

Let move on to the other couple, Brandon and Courtney. As you know B and C live together. After a few rough nights of adjusting, the duo decides to have a party. Before the party B goes over to his moms house and he takes some toiletries. Before he can escape, Stef catches him and tells him that he needs to pay for that stuff. Yea okay, with what money? Point exactly! B can’t afford soap and tooth past, why is he living on his own! Any who we aren’t here to throw shots at B, we’re here to see how well the party goes. So, yeah I mean the party is crazy, I mean eight people, only two over 21 and a plugged toilet? LOL! It gets better! Stef and Lena are spying on the kids! Mariana actually sees Stef outside the window, but no body believes her. Especially when there is a knock at the door and everyone including me, thought it was Stef. It wasn’t though, it was some guy asking for Courtney to deliver an envelope saying that she’s been served. Husband Eddie, her sons dad is taking her to court to fight for full custody. Who do you think will win this one? Also, maybe, hopefully we will find out next week.

Before I say my good byes. Lets talk Mariana. In the last episode she received a call from Nick. Feeling unsafe she’s been crashing with her moms in their bed for the past few weeks. She finally decided that in order to move forward she needed to see Nick. When she tells Matt, he’s not vey happy. He understand that sh had to tell Nick that she loved him and that they were still together so that he wouldn’t shoot himself. But didn’t quite undersigned why she had to see him now. Mariana felt she needed to tell him the truth so that he doesn’t expect for them to be together when he got out. When Mariana visits him, Nick apologizes. Tells Mariana that she’s the reason why he is alive and the reason he wants to get better. Mariana tells him that she love him but wants him to get better for himself. Then her last words are that they are still together!!!! OMG she told Matt that she would tell Nick that they are NOT together. What is going on? I hope we get some answers for this one FOR SURE!

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