“The Fosters” S5 E5 Recap: Telling

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So I spoke a little too soon… last time I may have mentioned that things were starting to fall into place. But, after this week’s episode of The Fosters, it’s pretty clear that is anything but the case. The Jesus drama intensifies this week and man, I was sitting on the edge of my seat with this one. Just when they led us to believe he was improving, he took a few steps back. And while its great that Callie’s life is taking a turn for the better, there seems to be a lot of tension between Stef and Lena.

So, let’s get into it!


Another Dinner With The Neighbors

While Lena is busy trying to get everything in order around the house, Tess and Logan stop by to drop off a bottle of wine as a thank you for dinner before. They also invite them over for a barbecue the next night. Mariana quickly runs down and agrees to the dinner for Lena. She also finesses her way into going on a run with Logan – apparently she is a runner now.

Problems With Dinner?

A bit before dinner, Dean stops by and tells Lena their gas got turned off and asks if they could use their oven and grill. The dinner ended up being at the Adams-Foster household again where they discuss enrolling Logan in St. Mary’s for school and football. Mariana interjects about how she’s always wanted to be a part of a team and wishes there was an empowering sport she could be a part of. Leave it to this girl to always have a scheme going on.

Logan tell’s everyone about his new team and friends at school but complains about how he wishes he could graduate with his old high school friends. His mom tells him it doesn’t matter because college is where you make the friends that stick. Oops, looks like you spoke to soon again, Tess.

As Mariana and Logan excuse themselves to leave for the “movie” (aka: the roller derby party, I’ll explain later), Jesus invites himself too because he needs to get out of the house. Callie and Brandon leave as well to go to the “get together” with Callie’s art class friends. When Jesus finds out it’s actually a party, he black mails Mariana into bringing him or else he’ll tell on her for everything.


Time For Apologies

Back at the dinner party, Stef and Dean talk about their work and he apologizes for what Tess said. He explains sometimes she speaks without thinking. He adds that she always wonders where she went wrong with her in high school. Hmm…maybe it’s because Stef liked her? Just a guess.

Inside, Tess apologizes to Lena about overstepping last time regarding what she said about Jesus. Lena then confides in her about how to help Jesus. With Dr. Tess to the rescue, she tells Lena she will put a call in to the neurologist in LA for Jesus, since she went to school with him. She also mentions that she admires her and Stef’s courage in living an alternative lifestyle. Okay, maybe it’s just me, but does that confuse anyone else?

Did Someone Say ‘Party?’

As Callie walks out of art class, Ximena run up to her and invites her to a party the next night that’s a fundraiser for the derby team. She explains that she had to miss class to get a permit for it and tells her not to mention anything to Mariana so she wouldn’t show up with Poppy, since there would be drinking involved.

Later, Callie asks Mariana if she’s been hanging out with Poppy. Caught off guard, Mariana tells her they found each other through Twitter and went to a movie together. Another nice lie from Mariana.

Jesus Doesn’t Listen

As Logan, Jesus and Mariana arrive to the party, she tells Jesus no drinking or dancing. But Poppy asks him if he’ll dance with her. He explains he has a concussion but he’d like to watch her dance. Anyone else wonder if he remembers who Emma is?

While Logan is getting Mariana a drink, she runs into Callie who is completely appalled that she brought Jesus to the party. Mariana quickly replies and says that he wouldn’t be drinking or dancing but when Callie glances over, she sees him dancing with Poppy. He just can’t help himself right now.

Meanwhile, the live band takes a break and invites anyone to come up and sing. Brandon and Grace decide to take this opportunity to sing their new song together. And what a fail it was…While they’re up there embarrassing themselves, Jesus and Callie see Mariana on the big screen in the video from derby practice. Way to have it blow up in your face, Mariana.

The cops arrive shortly after because they got some noise complaints. They ask to have the party shut down. Ximena shows them the permit and fights back as she claims she knows her rights. Poppy comes to her rescue so she doesn’t get arrested.


Jesus Suffers Another Seizure

After the party gets shut down, Jesus starts stuttering and slurring his words. Realizing he’s suffering from another seizure, Mariana starts to count how long it lasts. After it ends, he forgets where he is and what just happened.

Mariana’s freaking out. She knows she has to tell their parents but Jesus keeps threatening her. At this point, I wasn’t sure what Mariana was going to decide to do. I had some hope she would later decide to do the right thing.

Callie Stands Up

Callie takes Ximena home from the party and brings up how Poppy was overly concerned for her. She feels there must be more to the story. Ximena tells her she’s undocumented and should be protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The problem is that she hasn’t reapplied.

Callie tries to give her advice on fighting back to the cops and the authority and how it can just make things worse. But Ximena tells her it doesnt sound brave to stay silent and under the radar considering she has to fight for her right to be in America.


Figuring Out How To Help Jesus

At the police station Stef meets with Andy, a young boy who has been sexually abused. He claims he isn’t a victim but Stef calls him out on engaging in ‘survival sex,’ and that he’s staying with the man who exploited him for sex. Despite her offer to help him get out of this, he won’t share the details of who the abuser is.

When she gets home from work, Lena tells her Jesus hasn’t gotten out of bed all day.She’s concerned about changing his dosage. She also tells Stef she’s been reading about homeopathic remedies and read about a mom who put her son on a gluten free diet. She also found a neurologist in LA who does clinical trials with electrical currents to stimulate the brain and tells her this could be an option. Stef is totally against the idea and Lena says, “could you just not say no to everything, we need to advocate for our son.”

Lena Catches Stef Lying

The following day, Stef tells Lena she’s been called into work on her day off. As she leaves, Mariana comes into the kitchen and tells Lena two things: She’s been working out with the roller derby team and that last night Jesus had seizure.

Lena storms into Jesus’ room and tells him she can’t believe he went to a party and lied about it too. She breaks down about how hard she’s working to help him get better and he just pulls something like this. She grounds him saying he can’t leave the house and no one can come over, including Emma. As he picks something up something to throw, she threatens to send him to an in-patient program if this behavior continues. Just wait, the drama intensifies. Lena calls Stef’s work and finds out she wasn’t on call today…She is just really into this case.


In Other Family News

After the party, Brandon and Grace discuss singing together at other venues. She also finds out Courtney and Mason have been staying over. But Brandon promises they’ll only be staying one more night. But this isn’t the case any longer…Earlier, Brandon and Courtney catch up and she apologizes for what she said last time. Later that night, Gabe unexpectedly comes home to her and Mason in his bed. However, he tells them they can stay until their apartment is ready.

More Problems With Jesus And Emma

Emma comes over before the dinner with the neighbors and her and Jesus clear things up. Just as their relationship seemed to take a good turn, Jesus informs her he is going to drop out of school to get his GED and work construction with Gabe.

The next day after the party, Jesus video chats Emma and tells her about all the trouble he got into and now he can’t see her. She won’t take his side though, which makes him really upset. But it’s because he’s doing dumb things like going to parties and dropping out of school. He says, “maybe its a good thing you can’t come over, because I don’t really wanna see you anyways” and hangs up. Don’t forget he left out the part about his seizure…

Stef goes to investigate the man’s house that is sexual abusing Andy. As she tries to open up his window he catches her. She apologizes and says she thought this was her friends place. Smooth move Stef, seems like something Callie would do. Now you’re definitely on his radar.

Mariana tells Logan she’s grounded and he says he also got in trouble – but with his girlfriend. He explains how they’re doing a long distance relationship while she’s still in Baltimore and next year they’re hoping to both attend Syracuse. Sorry, Mariana.

Callie decides to attend the protest at UCSD.


See You Here Next Week

Is anyone else having a hard time waiting for next weeks episode already? I know I am. What’s going to happen with Jesus? Are Stef and Lena going to be okay? What else will blow up in Mariana’s face? Make sure to tune in here next week to find out! And as always, be sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on all social media!

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