“The Fosters” S4 E1 Recap: Potential Energy

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“The Fosters” is back and so life is good! Wow lets quickly touch base on the jaw dropping events of the ending in season 3. Nick sees Mariana and Matt kissing in the garage. Callie confesses to Stef and Lena all that has happened between her and Brandon! Episode ends with Nick in his car in front of the school with a gun in his hand! Oh-em-gee! Lets just get started!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.58.05 PMSeason 4 episode 1, begins just where season 3 ended, Nick is in his car parked in front of the school and has a gun in his hand, with tears in his eyes. I’m not excusing him nor giving away anything but in case you forgot, he did tell Mariana that if she ever wasn’t feeling “them” to tell him the truth. Since he saw her and Matt kissing, I think its clear that he’s hurting and is super upset.

As mentioned Callie tells her moms’ everything that happened between her and Brandon. Callie tells Brandon that moms know everything, but to cut it short that’s as far as that goes in this episode. So lets keep our focus on Nick! The conversation between Callie and her moms gets interrupted when Mike enters the room and asks if Nick is at school. Why is Mike asking if Nick is at school? Well, turns out there was a fire at the warehouse where R&J took place.

Let the suspense begin! Nick walks into his class and Matt notices his bad body language. After class Matt mentions to Mariana that Nick was late and looks off. In the next scene Jesus messes with Nick and tries to take his backpack away. I swear I thought the gun was going to go off, but THAKFULLY it didn’t. Jesus asks if he’s okay, and Nick casually says he’s good. After Nick tells Jesus that he’s a good friend, Jesus asks for favor. Mariana texted Nick and asks him to meet her at their spot.

Nick arrives to “the spot” while Mariana tells Nick the truth about the letter, the kiss and how she doesn’t want to be with Matt she wants to be with him, Nick is circling around her with the gun on the back part of his jeans. He doesn’t believe anything she says. The school janitor catches them and tells them to go to their classroom.

Mr. Stratos (Nick’s dad) arrives to the school waning to sue them because he says they are liable for the fire that occurred at the warehouse because he did not give them permission to use it. As Mr. Stratos, Lena, Mike and Monte (principal) are discussing where Nick is at, since his car is there but he’s “not in school” Mariana confirms to all, that he is in school. They all go out to the parking lot and see that his car is not there. Stef asks Mr. Stratos if he thinks Nick would hurt himself or anyone. Bluntly, Mike asks if Nick has access to any weapons. Mr. Stratos says he himself has a gun but keeps it locked up in his car. They check his car and the gun is gone! We then see Nick’s car pull up, Stef and Mike pull out their guns and aim towards the car, out comes Jesus and Emma. Whew, close one. Jesus also confirms that Nick is on campus, and Stef makes the announcement that Nick has a gun and says the school is in lock down! During the lockdown Mariana is the only Adams-Foster kid who is not in a classroom. She tries knocking on doors and asks to be let in but no one opens the door. Well to be fair, her boo Matt tried to open the door but the teacher stopped him. Points for trying Matt!

(Freeform/John Fleenor)

(Freeform/John Fleenor)

At this point the SWAT team is being called in, parents are arriving to the school. Stef asks if all her kids are safe, Lena confirms that all but Mariana has not checked in. Once an email is sent that Mariana is not in a classroom, Lena freaks and tries to go find her but Mike wont let her. The Swat teams starts to go into classrooms to rescue the kids, Jude is the first one out and he is safe. Next comes Jesus and Lena from the office. Lena is going crazy asking Stef, why they haven’t found Mariana. In the next scene we see Mariana hiding out in a bathroom stall, however we hear the bathroom door open. (ahhhh) As the swat team is escorting another classroom out, a gunshot is heard and Stef does not hesitate to run inside. Can I just add, that my stomach dropped and I shed a tear as Lena yelled for Stef not to go in there!! Stef and the swat team enter the room where Brandon and Callie were and it turns out the sub had a gun in his hand. Once they arrest the sub they escort that classroom and Stef is called elsewhere. Callie and Brandon make it out safely….

Wait… what about Mariana? The soft music and Lena’s slow motion really gets you and again ill admit I was crying at he thought of Mariana dying…but then we see Stef walk out with Mariana. She is safe!!!! The whole family joins in for a hug and even Matt runs to hug Mariana (so sweet).

The school is clear; no sign of Nick but officers inform that everyone needs to go home. When the Fosters are on the way home, Nick is already there and is in Mariana’s room. When the family gets home, Stef asks them to hang outside for a bit while she does a sweep through the house. Gives the cue that all is good, and they all head inside.

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