“The Fosters” S5 E11 Recap: Invisible

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As I always say, the tension is rising in this weeks episode. It is Jesus’ first week back at school with his ‘paraprofessional’ since his accident. Grace finally gets to come home but is concerned Brandon is no longer attracted to her. Something is up with Stef. The school’s vote is in…shall I go on? Just keep reading to find out all the details!


Jesus Goes Back To School

The episode begins in the car where Callie tells Stef that she is taking Poppy home to grab some clothes for Ximena. She also tells Stef she isn’t sure where their parents are being detained right now..how awful.

Stef also asks Brandon how Grace is doing. He says that she is actually going home today because it will take the lab a few weeks to recode her cells.

In the other car with Lena, she is taking Jesus, Mariana, and Poppy to school. She tells Jesus where his aide will be and that Poppy will be in his class also. She tells him to remain positive while he is recovering because he needs to get back on his feet to make up on everything he missed and not to worry about what everyone thinks.

When they all walk into school, Jesus finds his new locker…right in the middle school area…

His Transition Back Isn’t Easy


On the way into the classroom,  Poppy and Jesus prepare for what is to come. She tells him she will be okay as long as she can sit in the back with him. But…his paraprofessional David introduces himself and tells Jesus he got them seats up in the front. Not off to a great start in Jesus’ opinion.

During class, David could not be more of a bother to him. He keeps telling him to write down what the teacher is saying, how to write it, when to write it, etc. Jesus tells David he cannot even pay attention because he keeps talking to him. After class, the teacher tells Jesus not to even worry about reading all of the chapters. Then some arrogant classmate walked by and said “no homework and some guy that takes your notes? Wish I got hit in the head.”

When he comes back home, he walks into the kitchen to talk to Stef and Lena. They ask him how his day was and how he liked David. He told them he is fine but he is slightly annoying and isn’t very patient with him. As Lena asks if there are any problems that happened that she should know about, he quickly answers “no,” and walks away.

As he leaves the room, Lena tells Stef that after some research, she found a support group for people with TBI’s. Instead of seeming pleased and excited, Stef reacts very shortly with Lena. Telling her it is nothing more than a long day at work and wanting to change out of her clothes.

Jesus Breaks Down


The next day at school, Jesus walks to his locker and looks at his arm for the combination but some of the numbers are smeared. And he just can’t remember what the combination was. Feeling anxious, he can’t even remember which locker is his. The tension rises and he starts to lose control. But David finds him in the hallway and drags Jesus to class since he is late.

As he arrives to class, everyone is taking an exam. He can’t focus and is unsure of the answers. He starts to look around, he even looks to David for help, but he has to do it on his own. You can see the anxiousness in his eyes, which only worsens when people start to get up and turn in their exams. He runs out of time, but his teacher tells him he can turn it in by the start of class tomorrow. However, David tells him he has to finish the exam regardless. Yikes.

Lena and Stef end up taking Jesus to the TBI support group. He says it is pointless and asks to leave but Lena tells him to give it a chance. But after listening to one girl speak, it seems like he may be able to relate to it more than expected. The longer she goes on, the more he starts to cry. When Lena notices he runs out.

Stef and Lena follow Jesus out and apologize because they have been doing everything all wrong. He tells them that every time they do try and help it just makes him feel like he can’t, he is wrong, or he is broken. They promise to stop making him feel that way.

Ximena, Poppy, And Facing Their New Life

Callie and Poppy visit Ximena at the church. Poppy asks her how she is doing today and Ximena explains that she is starting to feel like an animal in the zoo. While everyone at church is really nice to her, she is starting to lose her mind being locked up. And to make matters worse, she has not heard anything from her lawyer.

Helen, the art professor, walks into the church with a bunch of art supplies for Ximena to keep up with her studies. While she is there, Callie explains she is not going to apply to the art program while she is working on her portfolio. However, the professor explains if she wants a real chance at getting accepted into the program she needs to apply now.

In the house, Jesus asks Poppy how her first day of school was at Anchor Beach. She tells him that no one really talked to her but the people who live in the house. He makes fun of her says that she may make more friends if she takes that sweater off. Only to find out, it is her dads sweater that she found today and wears it because she misses him so much.

While they are hugging it out, Emma is right there watching the whole thing happen. Jesus explains to her that she is just going through a lot…should we believe him? I sense some feelings between him and Poppy..

Ximena Receives Some Bad News

At the church, Ximena is roller skating while Callie films her. Ximena says that her dad always said Poppy and her were his “American Dream.” Ximena then asks her what she is going to do about school. Callie tells her she is nervous..but Ximena reminds her that her whole life is full of risk. So go for it.

As Callie gets ready to leave she walks over to say goodbye to Ximena who appears to be crying. She tells Callie that her DACA has not been renewed yet and it may never be unless she gets a special hearing. But if she walks out she could be detained, but she cannot live in this church forever. Callie comforts her and tells her they are going to figure it out. And I have no doubt they will.

Tension Between Brandon And Grace


After Grace leaves the hospital, she is welcomed back home to a new TV her mom bought her. Right next to the TV is all of her mom’s luggage because she has to stay with her 24/7 during these next few weeks. Grace asks Brandon if he knew about this because they will never have alone time now…for sex. As the words come out of her mouth, her mom walks in. She reminds them sex is out of the question. Grace tells her though that Brandon is a very “considerate lover,” and they will continue to have sex whether she likes it or not.

Stef walks into Brandon’s rom and tells him that they are very proud of how supportive he is being about Grace’s situation. She also tells him that he needs to be supportive of himself too and think about a plan for next year. He tells her that he does not want to go to school next year and spend all of his time with her.

Back at Grace’s, her mom left for awhile which seems like the perfect time for Brandon and Grace to have sex. When it comes to it though, Brandon gets nervous and makes up a dumb excuse about having to leave of work soon. Grace takes it the wrong way and tells him she knows he isn’t attracted to her anymore because he knows she is sick. No…that isn’t the case.

He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells him she isn’t some fragile thing that he can break. I don’t know but that makes me nervous since she isn’t supposed to…

Is Anchor Beach Saved?


In Lena’s office, she is talking to Monica about the promise they made when they started the charter. She tells her they need to look at that original mission statement and get to work. After all that persuasion, they got Monica on their side.

During lunch, a student stands up making an announcement about the vote for the future of anchor beach….academy. Mariana stands up in defense and asks how they know it will fulfill all of their promises. She explains that what makes the school so special is that they all come from different backgrounds. And that just because the school could be private, doesn’t mean it will be better.

After class, the vote is announced. The students have voted “no,” to Anchor Beach Academy. While everything finally seems great, Monty is threatened to resign before the board meeting.

Lena breaks the news to Mariana about Monty leaving, meaning they lost. Mariana, of course, cannot take no for an answer. So she goes upstairs and texts Nick. She plans to be at his house the next morning. When he opens his door, expecting Mariana, it turns out to be Lena waiting for the information to save Anchor Beach. Interesting…

In Other Family News


Mariana And All Her Boys

Wyatt walks up to Mariana while she is at her locker, with a bouquet of flowers. He says it is an apology for his behavior at prom. And of course, for telling everyone he took her virginity. Logan also waited for Mariana to come home and tell her he’s interested in her. On top of all of that, Mat apologizes to Mariana for overreacting and would like a second chance with her. Who is Mariana going to end up choosing?

Callie Applies To UCSD

While she fought back and forth with herself about where to apply and to what major – she finally came to a decision. She decided to listen to Ximena’s advice and take the risk. She decided to apply to her dream school and to the major she loved.

Jude, Taylor, And More Video Game Drama

Jude finally explains to Taylor that even though they wanted to do this together, he really wants to do it and she should be happy for him. As she walks away, she tells him she would never treat him like this.

When he finally meets Declan Rivers at a coffee shop, they discuss each other’s video game techniques. However, Jude breaks it to him that he can’t do it because it would mean losing his friend. Declan tells him that all three of them should work together. Lets see how this works out.

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