“The Fosters” S5 E13 Recap: Line In The Sand

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Last week, the Fosters family left us wanting even more, per usual. We were left wondering whether or not Ximena would get detained, if Jesus was going to continue with Lena as his paraprofessional, how Mariana’s bachelorette situation was going and more. So lets get right into how this week went down!


Great News for Ximena


At the beginning of the episode, Ximena met with her lawyer who informed her that she got a hearing which wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the major press they got the other day. However, she can’t even go to the hearing because they have been taking undocumented people from court rooms. But with video clips from the protest she will be able to hopefully get her status reviewed, as they videos prove she didn’t threaten anyone.

When Callie meets with her friend that was also at the march, they discover no one recorded Ximena. Except for a conservative student union that did happen to get the video. They fight with them back and forth to obtain the video, but he refuses.

Later that night, Callie watches the footage she shot of Ximena’s statement. And to her surprise, she found out that the camera she used is property of UCSD. Which is also the same camera that the conservative student union used to film the protest, which means…

After Callie got ahold of the tape, the judge reviewed it and came to the conclusion that Ximena said nothing that sounds like a threat to the United States. And he announces that her deportation is on hold until her DACA status is decided. Yes, finally some good news!

Principal Lena Foster & The Senior Prank


“Congratulations Principal” were the first words out of everyones mouth this morning in the Fosters household. Looks like Lena got the job! Jesus asks her if she will still be able to be his paraprofessional, low-key hoping not. But…of course she will make time, she said!

And as the school day starts, it means another day for Jesus and his paraprofessional, Lena. She walks into the classroom late drawing a whole lot of attention as the new principal. Seems like the principal is a little anxious about it though. You know who else seemed really anxious? Jesus..

Jenna and Tess

Later that morning, Stef lends Dean some tools that he lost in the move. After he asked if she was still on for dinner that night with him, Tess, and Jenna, he asked her something pretty important. He told Stef that something has been going on with Tess but she won’t tell him what it is, he asks that Stef talks to her and finds out what is going on.

When Lena gets back from work, she sees Stef in bed with the flu. Lena doesn’t want her to go, so Stef asks her to take her place.

Later that night, to Tess and Jenna’s surprise, Lena arrives to dinner instead of Stef. And Jenna, per usual, can’t control herself over Tess. “You don’t need to be counting your calories, your bod is smoking hot.” Ugh, just give it up Jenna.

While Lena tries to talk about marriage and get Tess to open up, she receives a text from the security company that says someone left all of the lights on at school. So she has to leave, which means leaving Jenna alone with Tess.

As angry as she was about the senior prank, Stef told her the students will respect her more if she shows she can take a joke. So the next day at school, she shows up in her beach attire, making the whole student body love her even more.

While everyone is at school, Tess comes over to see how Stef is doing. But then she brings up the fact that they never discussed what she said the other night at prom. And Stef really stands up for herself and puts Tess in her place. She most definitely deserves it too…

Poppy vs. Emma


And we are finally back to the derby scene. Mariana sits out while they are scrimmaging until the tryouts in two weeks and she is joined by Jesus. Even though he is supposed to be focusing on his homework, he is really picking up on all of the derby rules and Mariana tells him about the stats manager position that is available for the team.

While Jesus is watching derby practice and trying to get some homework done, Emma FaceTimes him who appears to be a little jealous about Poppy. But the call ends well as they make plans to go to a movie later that night.

Poppy Crashes Date Night

As Jesus gets ready to leave for the movies with Emma, Poppy comes back from visiting her parents. Just after he asks how the visit went, she starts bawling.

When Emma arrives to the house to pick up Jesus, he quickly fills her in on the whole situation. When Poppy went to visit her parents, she found out that they were transferred to another detention center in Arizona. And since everyone is either sick or out of the house, Jesus didn’t feel comfortable leaving her home alone for the night.

So him and Emma decided to stay in and watch a movie with Poppy, who tells Emma he is just “amazing.” During the movie, Poppy and Jesus can’t stop talking about derby, until Emma asks them to stop interrupting the movie. Jesus nicely cuddles up on her, while Poppy is clearly a little bit jealous.But of course, they talk it out and make up.

The next day at derby practice, Emma walks in and tells everyone she is trying out for the derby team since her boyfriend and best friend spend all of their time there. Uh oh…I sense drama and trouble. And after practice, it appears as though Callie is being followed by someone…

In Other Family News


Grace and Brandon

Grace really wanted Brandon to participate in the senior prank, and because Grace never got to do anything like it before, Brandon decided to join in. After they got caught, Grace told him he needs to take more care of himself and do less that revolves around her. He also told her that she can’t feel guilty about everything he wants to do for her.

While in the car talking, Grace tells him her t-cells just came in so this would be the last time they can hangout for awhile. In order for the procedure to be 100%, she has to be at her healthiest.

Mariana Makes a Decision

Throughout the whole episode, Mariana couldn’t decide which boy she wanted to be with. She went back and forth, but she finally came to a conclusion. She decides Mat wasn’t the one she was supposed to be with – he was the one she had to move on from. They both need new beginnings and new experiences and going back to an old relationship that didn’t work wasn’t what she felt was right. Good decision, Mariana!

See You All Here Next Week

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