“The Fosters” S5 E14 Recap: Scars

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In this weeks episode of The Fosters, we got some clarity on Stef, Callie fought against ICE, Grace makes a big life decision, and Tess and Dean’s relationship falls apart even more…let’s get right into it!


Callie vs. ICE


Last week, we were left off wondering who was following Callie…she found out that she has been followed by one of the ICE officers. When they got out of their cars, he explained he was unaware of what Ximena said at the protest and apologizes for what happened.

He tells her that he got into his job to help people and make it a safer place, not to destroy families. But Callie asks him what he is going to do about it because an apology doesn’t cut it. He says that he has some information for her.

When Callie gets back home she tells Mariana, Ximena and Aaron that ICE has a new policy now where they can go after undocumented kids after they turn 18 and detain them. The officer told her they’re planning a raid at a high school, and he wants them to record it and expose what is going on.

Are Sparks Flying Between Callie and Aaron Again?


As Aaron leaves, Mariana and Ximena ask her if she is going to get back together with him. And I definitely felt a moment between Callie and Ximena…Was it just me?

Later, Callie starts drawing a portrait of Aaron and when he sees it he can’t believe how great it is. He says she is a really talented artist.

The next morning, Callie wakes up to a call from the ICE officer. He informs her of the raid happening at the high school soon. Mariana, Aaron and Callie rush to the school and ask to speak to the principal to inform them of what is happening.

While they are losing time waiting for the principal, they try and warn as many kids as possible. Unfortunately, not many believe them that this is going to happen…until ICE arrives. As kids start running, ICE chases after them.

Aaron Goes To Prison


While they are running after the undocumented kids, someone shoves Aaron into one of the ICE officers and they handcuff and detain him. Callie calls Michael Smith to inform him about what happened to Aaron.

Just as she finishes leaving her voicemail to Michael, Aaron calls her from a holding cell. He tells her he has to go before he gets processed because they are going to strip search him…he says he won’t be safe in central jail if they “find out.”

While Aaron is at the holding cell, Stef comes to visit. He discloses to the cop that he is transgender and doesn’t feel safe in a mens prison. But he also doesn’t belong in a women’s prison…Later, Callie meets with the ICE officer who gave her the tip about the raid. He says that he can’t tell his team what happened with Aaron or it will look like he is the one who set off the tip.

Back home while she is still drawing her portrait of Aaron, Ximena comes back in and talks to her. She tells Callie she knows she is still in love with him. Just as they are talking, he calls her. Somehow, he got out. Apparently an officer came in and told them what happened. Interesting, right? After they talk, Aaron tells her he decided he wants his scars on the portrait.

As they start to get into it, he tells Callie that he went on a date with another girl. He asks if they are getting back together and he won’t see the other girl ever again. She tells him she isnt ready so he can do whatever he needs to do for himself.

Grace’s Big Decision


Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Grace her white blood cell count is clear and she has no infection. So she is ready to have her new t-cells put back in. Before Grace’s procedure, her dad shows up out of nowhere.

While the nurse is in the room with Grace, Brandon and her dad start having a conversation. They find a few things in common – such as playing instruments. When Brandon goes back in to talk to her he asks why she doesn’t really have a relationship with him. She explains that the second time she got sick her mom got really stressed out and controlling and she thinks over time her dad just couldn’t take it anymore.

Back at the hospital, Brandon and his mom are waiting for Grace’s procedure to be finished. As they are talking, her dad walks in and says that the doctor told him if this didn’t work a second treatment of chemotherapy would be better. Then they start getting in a fight and Brandon finds out that Grace’s dad actually had an affair…

While they are waiting, Brandon and Grace’s mom take a walk and talk about the divorce. She asks him to not say anything about the affair to Grace because she doesn’t want it to change her opinion of her father.

As Grace wakes up, Brandon is right by her side. He decides to go back home and let her spend time with her father.

Later, Brandon comes back to spend some time with her. As the doctor comes back in, Grace asks Brandon to get her a root beer. The doctor then hands Grace paperwork that she asked for, which appears to be her signing for Brandon to make all of her health decisions is she becomes unable….

Stef Confronts Her Anxiety


Lena found a medication in the bedroom for Stef and asked her what it was for. She explained that her gynecologist prescribed her a mild medication for anxiety because what she may be going through may be physiological rather than psychological. I am no doctor but I really don’t think that is the case…

Later, Dean comes over to return everything to Stef. She invites him in because he doesn’t look well. He says that Tess asked him for a separation. He confesses his love for her and says how he can’t imagine a life without her. Tess apparently told him that she isn’t happy and needs some time apart to figure out why. But we all know the answer to that one.

After her encounter with Dean, Stef goes to the grocery store. Standing in the aisle, her vision starts to get blurry and her heart starts to race. While the tension gets worse in the hospital room, Stef calls Brandon out of breath. She needs him to pick her up and says she can’t even drive.

The following day, Stef finally meets with her therapist and opens up about her recent panic attacks. The therapist tells her that what is causing the attack and the trigger are two different and specific things. Stef explains to the therapist about the situation with Tess and Dean and hoping their separation isn’t her fault. She gives her the backstory on her and Tess.

The therapist thinks that what could be triggering everything is the fact that her first love moved in next door.

In Other Family News

In the video game world, Declan just can’t back off of Jude. He even takes it so far to ask him what his favorite sex position is during their live stream. And when Declan complains about how boring that live stream was, Jude says it is because he can’t flirt like that anymore since Noah got upset the last time.

Noah comes over later and says that he talked to Taylor. He wishes Jude would’ve talked to him first but Jude gets him to come back. They recreate their first trust exercise from church. But, Declan is clearly into Jude off screen…

Oh, and because of the popularity of the live stream, Jude started receiving gifts in the mail from fans. When Stef and Lena found out that Jude is getting free stuff sent to him, they freak out. They tell him that the next episode he has to tell his fans that they need to stop sending him stuff.

See You Here Next Week


Well Fosters family, that is it for this week. Make sure to tune into Freeform next Tuesday at 8/7 c to catch the next episode of The Fosters. And as always be sure to come to Pop Hearts after for the rundown. Follow us on all social media too @PopHeartsTV.

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