“The Fosters” S5 E6: Welcome to the Jungler

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In this weeks episode, Jude finally decides to come back…and for much more than just a reappearance. There’s a lot of drama between him and Noah but I’m just happy Jude is finally back. Jesus comes to a pretty big realization about education when Emma becomes involved and Stef and Lena discuss if Mariana is allowed on the derby team. And as for Callie, she becomes involved in yet another protest. Keep reading to find out what all has happened!


Jesus Decides To Stay In School


Stef and Lena talk to Jesus about his options for school. They mention that in California, dropping out of school before 18 is illegal. If he wants to break the law, Stef says she has no problem arresting him. But Jesus is dead-set on dropping out and getting his GED so Lena informs him he’ll have to take a proficiency test first. He agrees. However, Stef is worried that he’s going to pass the test but Lena is convinced he won’t with all of his problems as a result of the TBI. She says she’s ready for some tough love around here.

Jesus walks into Mariana’s room to talk to her as she is picking out her derby name. Brandon comes in and asks them if they heard about his dad and Ana getting engaged. Jesus is pretty stunned and confused, Mariana on the other hand is excited.

They talk about how Jesus told Ana that Gabe still loves her and maybe thats why she didn’t say anything to them earlier (we’ll get more into that later). Mariana tells him that just because they were each others first loves that doesn’t mean they should be together. She says wants to have a lot of loves before she marries someone. And Jesus says, “I don’t.”

After Jesus takes his proficiency test he runs into Emma at her locker. She tells him she wants to be supportive of everything and he tells her he just took a test to legally drop out of school. She does not look too happy…

Jesus And Emma Talk Marriage

He pulls out a ring for her and says he made it with Gabe and wanted to give it to her as a promise ring until he could get her a nicer one. He goes on to say that he doesn’t want to have any regrets in his life and that she’s the one for him, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Emma tells him the ring is beautiful but that she wants to go to college, maybe even far away and that so much can change between now and then. Jesus says it doesn’t have to change but she wants change, she wants to grow and learn. She tells him education is extremely important to her and that she can’t see herself marrying someone who is willfully throwing that away.

And that is the moment where he changed his mind. When he gets home, he walks in and tells Lena he isn’t going to drop out anymore because Emma won’t marry him if he does. He will do whatever it takes. Lena is 100% confused and her face is priceless.

Callie Gets Involved With Another Protest


Callie and Aaron attend a meeting for the protest against Shiloh McCullen. During the meeting she finds out Aaron doesn’t agree with what Shaun is saying. After the meeting, Callie introduces Aaron to Shaun.  He tells Aaron he hopes he’ll join but informs him that he disagrees with everything he says.

He says the best way to handle someone like this is to confront them, he believes in free speech, not hate speech. Ximena says it’s not like you have anything to lose…but that’s not true. She has no idea what Aaron has been through. Then Callie gets a call from an unknown caller that Kyle is free and home now.

Kyle Is Free

Callie goes to talk to Kyle who says he had to wait to see if they would retry him first before he could go home. He is terrified and doesnt want to give them a reason to set him up again, Grey is dangerous to play with. Kyle tells her he may even move out-of-state. He also apologizes for everything he said to her when she came to visit him. She asks him why he wanted her to think he killed Martha and he says its because he gave up on himself and he wanted her to give up on him too.

Back at home, while Mariana is creating her derby shirt with her name on the back, Callie and Stef walk in, talking about Callie’s visit with Kyle. She tells Stef he is too afraid to leave his house because he’s afraid of what Grey will do.

Ximena vs. Aaron

Later, Callie and Aaron talk about the protest. He tells her she should be careful since some of the protests are turning violent. She apologizes for what Ximena said earlier it’s just that she sees him as a priveleged white male. Callie tells him that she can’t hide the fact that she’s Latina which offended him. He says it’s not deceptive of him to not want to disclose his private medical information. He then goes on to tell her to be careful with how she stands up and she yells back at him not to patronize her. God, she can be so annoying sometimes.

At the next meeting, they’re portraying what to do if a police officer lays a hand on them at the protest. Callie asks if there is a chance they could be arrested and he says that’s the goal. Thats how they get the attention. Callie certainly looks unsettled and nervous.

Brandon, Jesus and Mariana Find Out About Mike & Ana’s Engagement


Jesus vents to Gabe about his punishment from going to the party. He talks about making treehouse’s and turning it into a business. He wants to do what Gabe did when he was his age. But Gabe says if he could go back he wouldn’t have dropped out. And he still constantly thinks about Ana and how he wishes he could’ve chose her. He wishes things could have been different since she was his first love and maybe the only one he’ll ever love.

Later in school, AJ meets up with Brandon who tells him he thinks they should do something for Mike to congratulate him on his engagement. Surprise Brandon…he had no idea.

Jesus Meddles In Ana & Mike’s Relationship


Ana comes over to tell Mariana and Jesus about the engagement but Mariana isn’t there. So before she can tell him, Jesus asks her if she still has feelings for Gabe. Confused as to what made him ask this, she asks why.  He tells her its because he still thinks about you. He tells him shes the only woman Gabe’s ever loved.

Mike walks into Brandon’s room and tells him he looks snazzy. He tells his dad that him and Grace are performing at an open mic night and Courtney’s coming. And Mike finally tells him about his engagement. Brandon tells him he already knows and Mike’s pretty disappointed that he wasn’t the first one to tell him. He then asks Brandon to be his best man. So cute, right?!

Later, Brandon asks Mariana if Ana told her and Jesus about her engagement to his dad. Mariana says no and tells him she hopes what Jesus told her didn’t confuse her. She explains to him what Gabe said and that there is nothing to worry about since Ana clearly loves Mike.

While Brandon is taking the trash out he thinks he sees Ana kissing Gabe. As he opens the door to find out what is going on, he finds it is Courtney who is kissing him. Awkward…

 Jude and Noah


Taylor, Jude and Noah are all playing video games together. Noah not doing too well, asks Jude to extend their no pot, no games deal to forever. Jude happily disagrees. But he tells Noah there’s a gamer online who makes videos on tips about how to play the game. But he says things like, “faggot” and “I’m not a homo, homo.” Noah is in disbelief that Jude would watch this guy but Jude and Taylor say he is the best gamer.

After Noah’s response, Jude and Taylor make a video online for how to play the game without being homophobic and misogynistic. Jude gets over 100 friend requests on his online game site. When he starts to accept them though, he gets a ton of hurtful, offensive comments. “just another butt-hurt snowflake.” “die.” “give up now.” “loser.”

Jude tells Noah he’s been squashing trolls all day long and that someone took their video off the internet. Noah tells him it was him because it’s his account and he doesnt want to deal with the trolls. He also tells Jude he can’t believe he lied about breaking their deal. Noah seems pretty upset about it.

Taylor and Jude make another gaming video called, “Girl and Gay Guy.” They say they aren’t afraid of any trolls and make it a much more positive video. They receive a ton of uplifting comments.

Grace, Brandon And Courtney Walk Into Open Mic Night Together…

Brandon is on the phone with Grace and she says she wants to meet Courtney since she is obviously going to be in his life. She mentions inviting her to their open mic gig that night.

The night starts off pretty awkward. Making small talk, Grace tells Courtney the plan is to play here and work out the kinks and then play at a small club next. She tells her it’s because she tries to do one thing a day that scares her and Courtney says “well this is mine for the day…im kidding.” Courtney also brings wine and Grace tells Brandon she can only drink a little because shes a lightweight.

Grace and Brandon sing together at open mic night, and another awkward band name…after they finish their song, the host chooses Courtney to sing next. Grace tells Brandon to go up and sing with her. She doesn’t look too happy though watching her boyfriend sing with his ex. So she keeps drinking wine.

Leaving open mic night, Grace is stumbling walking back and keeps throwing up. She tells Courtney and Brandon they sounded great together and how pretty Courtney is. Brandon thanks Courtney later for coming and for helping Grace. He tells her she has been sheltered and “isn’t too used to partying in bagel shops.” She  tells him it’s a good thing because sometimes he can be too mature.

In Other Family News


At the police station, Stef interrogates Patrick Maloy. She tells him he’s going down and theres nothing he can do about it because they have more than enough evidence against him. She tells him she wants the names of the men he shares the videos with and after much hesitation, he finally writes the names down.

Stef goes over to Kyle’s to talk to him because she wants to help him. She promises if they catch what they need on tape he will no longer have to be afraid of Grey.

Stef and Kyle plan a set up with Patrick Maloy. Patrick walks by Kyle and they start talking. Kyle asks him why he didn’t testify in his trial. Patrick says he didn’t testify because he didn’t remember. Which we all know isn’t true…Kyle asks if Grey bribed him not to tell the truth. Patrick says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that if he comes around again he will call the cops or Grey himself.

Kyle is pretty upset with Stef and even more scared. She tells Kyle she won’t let anything happen to him. But Kyle isn’t so positive, he says she has nothing on Patrick.

More Derby Talk With Mariana

Callie starts talking to Mariana and apologizes to her about what she said the other night. Mariana decides to forgive her. Mariana tells Callie she forged Lena’s signature to join derby because she wants to feel like she belongs somewhere and everyone at derby is so supportive of each other and she needs that. However, Lena comes in and says after talking to Stef it’s a no.

Ximena talks to Lena later about the benefits of derby. Ximena tells Lena in the short time Mariana has been practicing with them she can tell her confidence has been growing. And Mariana tells her that she’s surrounded by girls that look her and she’s never had a group of friends that are “badass Latina’s.” Lena promises to talk to Stef.

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