“The Fosters” S5 E7 Recap: Chasing Waterfalls

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I have to say, this has definitely been one of my favorite episodes of The Fosters so far this season. This week, the Adams Foster family definitely took a break from their typical drama. Instead, they were melting our hearts one minute and breaking them the next. While Callie and Aaron’s relationship is definitely looking better, Lena’s dad is dealing with some serious memory problems. Stef also comes to the conclusion that she may need to talk to Tess about high school.

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Cortney And Gabe…And Brandon

Stef talks to Gabe and tells him Jesus will not be helping with the tree house today because he’s being assessed to go back to school. She then asks him if Jesus has talked to him about Emma at all. He mentions that they made a wooden ring for him to give her because he wanted to “go steady.”

As Stef is leaving, Courtney comes out of the garage and they realize Brandon must not have told.  Brandon watches them talk from the window and gets everyone to leave for school. He clearly doesn’t want to watch them together anymore.

Brandon Talks About What He Saw

Later, while Brandon is over at Grace’s, he catches her staring at him..which was pretty cute. She asks how many songs he thinks they need and he says around ten, but, mentions that they could also have a few solos and she can tell something is off. He confides in her that he caught Cort kissing Gabe. He tells her he is worried about her taste in men.

As he is coming home, he trips over the treehouse materials and tells Gabe he needs to be more careful. Gabe brings up the other night and tells him he didn’t know that he still had feelings for Cortney, as she walks out of the garage. He yells back at the both of them that he is fine and tells Cortney to be with him, fall in love, get married…and even have another baby. Yikes.

The next day, Brandon catches Cortney packing up to leave and tells her to stay. He says he just didn’t know what to do and was caught off guard. She admits she even felt jealous seeing him with Grace but does tell him that just because they see each other moving on doesn’t mean they should get back together. And she also tells him that what she wants is for him to be truly happy.  As she leaves she says, “you’re a good man, Brandon Foster.”

Lena’s Dad Is Losing His Memory


The whole family, including Lena’s parents, Stew and Dana, get together for a family dinner. During the meal, Callie asks Stef about the Cedar Waterfall because her and Aaron want to go together tomorrow. It only leads into a fight over who gets the car tomorrow but Brandon calls dibs because he has to go to work tomorrow.

Stef tells them they should feel lucky they even have a car considering they can’t afford another one and the only reason they have three cars is because Grandpa Frank helped them out. After she is finished talking Stew asks Jude to pass the asparagus…again…seems like he forgot.

He asks Mariana what is going on in her life and if she is talking to any boys right now. Jude informs him of the new neighbor boy, Logan. However, Mariana explains that he has a girlfriend right now. Stew tells them a story about how when he met Dana she had a boyfriend so he decided to become her friend and when they broke up he was there as her shoulder to cry on. I think Mariana just got an idea..

Stef Opens Up About Her Father


Jude interjects about how Logan’s mom was Stef’s first girlfriend. Stef corrects him and says “first crush, trust me my father wasn’t into that.” Apparently, her father caught her and Tess cuddling on the couch one day when they were in high school and sent her to church. Everyone is pretty shocked about it but she says it is water under the bridge.

After that, Stew picks up asparagus and seems to forget what it is until someone helps him. Then Stef all of a sudden says “so, we’re putting the house into a trust.” Everyone is at a loss for words and she tells them it is to protect the kids in case anything happens. After that, Dana tries to break the awkward silence and asks what else is going on and Mariana says, “well Jesus is engaged.”

Problems With The Trust

Stef and Lena argue over her bringing up the house trust issues over dinner but then in walks Lena’s mom. Stef goes out to the living room to clean up and Stew tells her he’s been thinking about what her dad said. He says when he found out Lena was gay all he wanted to do was let her know how much he still loved her because she is his daughter. He adds that he thinks of Stef as his daughter too.

Back in the kitchen, Lena is talking to her mom about the house. She asks how they are doing financially and her mom tells her they are doing fine. Then she tells Lena that her and Stew think her and Stef should start paying interest on the loan they gave them a few years ago. Say what?!

Lena tells Stef about what her mother said. Stef tells Lena she will need to tell Dean what is going on but she hopes that there isn’t another awkward conversation with Tess. Lena tells her to talk about what happened in high school with her but Stef doesn’t want to bring up “old high school b.s.”

Everyone Picks Up On Stew’s Memory Problem


Lena’s mom walks down to Stef and Lena in the kitchen. Stef tries to discuss the interest payment with her but it gets pretty awkward because she reminds Dana it was a gift. Lena’s mom gets pretty defensive when Stef stands up for herself and proves her wrong.

And here comes Stew…taking the family outside to show them the new car he bought them. Lena tells him they can’t accept it and her mom says they can’t afford it. He tells her he has a bonus coming in and she reminds him he doesn’t because he’s retired. Clearly, now everyone can see what is unfortunately going on with his memory.

Dana Finally Tells Lena About Stew

Lena’s mom walks into the kitchen after the incident and finally comes to terms with what is going on. She says that they need to take his name off and Stef tells her they want to help them with money since he is going to need some care.

Lena asks her how long this has been going on and she says for about a year, she just hasn’t wanted to talk about it. It is a very sad conversation and she confides in Lena that she isn’t ready for all of this and she isn’t ready to lose him. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Lena Reminisces With Her Dad


Lena walks out and talks to her father on the porch. He asks her if she remembers what he said when she came out: “I still love you.” He says it was a terrible thing to say. And he tells her his love for her has never changed and shouldn’t have said what he did. He tells her he should have said, “I am very proud you know who you are and I can’t wait to meet the person you spend the rest of your life with.” How sweet, right?

Lena tells him about the times when she was a kid and he would sit and watch cartoons with her no matter how bad he had to work. Things get even sadder when she starts to cry and thanks him for being a great dad.

Later, Lena’s parents are saying their goodbyes to all of the family outside. Stew tells her he will see her soon and next time they will sit and watch cartoons for old times sake. I can’t help but feel a little nervous though because I don’t know if there will be a next time for them. My heart is literally breaking.

Noah And Taylor Fight Over Jude

Jude comes home to Noah standing at the porch who tells him he doesn’t think he can be with someone who lies and that he also feels like a video game is more important than him. But Jude tells him he is the most important thing to him and asks for another chance.

Jude and Noah go up to his room and Taylor is there getting ready to play video games. He asks her if they can play tomorrow because he hasn’t seen Noah in awhile. The next day, Noah comes into Jude’s room while him and Taylor are playing video games. Taylor and Noah end up yelling. Jude asks them why they keep putting him in this terrible position and Taylor says he can ask Noah to leave since he did it to her yesterday. Noah says if Jude tells him to leave he is never coming back. Jude responds saying, “you can both leave and never come back as far as I’m concerned.”

Dana To The Rescue

Lena’s mom comes in and sees Jude in the living room pretty upset. When she finds out what it is over, she marches up stairs to finally fix things for him. She walks up to seeing Noah and Taylor fight over who gets to see Jude and who is more important in his life. She solves it by planning a firm schedule for each of them to hangout with him.

Jude sits down on his laptop and gets an email from the social media director of a new video game. He thinks they want to pay him and Taylor to be social media ambassadors for their new game after watching their videos.

The director leaves a number for Jude and he ends up calling him. The guy tells Jude the offer doesn’t apply to Taylor though because they already have plenty of girl gamers, they want more “g-a-y-mers.” So I’m guessing it is going to be pretty rough watching Jude tell Taylor this next week.

Callie And Aaron Get Deep


Callie is showing her self portrait in front of her art class and they keep questioning her about why she didn’t capture the images herself. She explains she thought there was something more authentic about her family capturing those unaware moments of her. Otherwise, she feels self-conscious. Then one of her classmates says that it is the point – the idea of self-consciousness.

He says other artists use the discomfort of themselves to create their art and that he doesn’t even think her piece knows what it wants to be. Someone chimes in, “because the artist doesn’t.” The professor tells Callie she will need to learn how to defend her work because in her interview she will have to.

Romance At Cedar Waterfalls


Callie and Aaron are on a hike and he can sense something is not quite right with her. She tells him she had a lousy day because she got ripped apart in class. And that they may be right and she doesn’t have a voice as an artist and maybe she just rushed into taking the class to prove something to her moms.

Later on the hike Callie and Aaron get really deep. Callie tells him she used to have dreams as a kid that she was flying, completely free. Now when she has dreams she can’t fly and she has someone holding her down. He asks who is holding her down and she doesn’t know. Aaron tells her something Carl Young says, “everyone in your dreams is you.”

Then they make their way down to one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Callie shocks him and starts taking off her clothes and jumps right in. With a bit of hesitation, Aaron finally decides to let loose and jumps in after her.

Aaron Encourages Callie


After Callie and Aaron get out of the waterfall, he brings up what she said earlier. He doesn’t understand how she doesn’t know herself. He says he sees someone who “ferociously knows and fights for what she believes.” Adding that she never waivers and asks why she can’t believe in herself.

She says she isn’t like him, she isn’t so sure of herself. She says everything that is unknown about her future scares her and when someone doubts it she just crumbles.

Aaron comforts her and tells her no one knows completely who they are. If they do, they are either lying or really, really lame. She starts getting teary-eyed and says all she needs to know today is who she is and what she wants, right now. And leans in for a sweet kiss. She says, “what I want right now is this.” And yes, my heart is seriously melting.

Callie and Aaron go back to his place after she brings it up at the waterfalls. They start kissing and all of a sudden, Aaron gets up and lights a candle. Oh, the romance. I love it.

Callie Stands Up For Herself At Art Class

At Callie’s next art class she apologizes to everyone if she seemed defensive the other day. She tells them that she was a foster kid. And that she has been with so many different girls and been in so many different homes and that the truth is she doesn’t know who she is. But she’s okay with that and her self portrait is right because it is how she sees herself now. And that it’s perfect to put in her portfolio.

Stef Apologizes To Tess

Dean stops by and says that the trust papers are all ready and that Stew’s name can be removed. Lena asks why they’re taking him off the title and Stef says she is worried about his possible future financial problems.

Later, Stef shows up to Tess and Dean’s house to go over the papers but Dean isn’t there. Instead it’s just Tess and they have some pretty uncomfortable conversation. Tess asks Stef is she keeps up with anyone from high school. She says only Tom  Hutchinson sometimes, since he is on the force. Tess says that she lost touch with everyone when she moved to the East Coast.

Stef Finally Clears The Air With Tess

After Lena’s parents leave, Stef makes her way over to Tess’. She starts off the conversation telling Tess that they didn’t just drift apart and she didn’t dump her because she made new friends. Stef says she cut her off because she had romantic feelings for her. She reminds Tess of when her father caught them cuddling on the couch. Then she tells her he sent her to church and talked to the youth minister to get her head on straight. After that she was embarrassed and ashamed so she had to distance herself.

Tess asks her if she knew she had those feelings then why she ended up marrying Mike. It’s because she felt like she was supposed to. She tells Tess that she is happy with where she is now but she knows she caused Mike a lot of pain. She also tells her she knows she caused her pain, so she wanted to apologize.

Tess tells her she was hurt when she cut her out but it wasn’t a big deal. And it was a long time ago anyway. She adds, “and it’s not like I had those feelings for you, you know.” Are we expected to believe that? Because I certainly don’t.

Mariana v. Olivia


.After Mariana gets the genius idea from her grandfather she decides to put it into action. Her and Logan are tossing around a football out back and talking about his girlfriend. He tells her that she’s still mad at him but Mariana offers to help get her back.

Later outside, she’s taking pictures of him jumping, holding letters that spell out, “I Love You.” Then she creates a video out of the pictures and tells him to upload it to his Instagram. He is pretty happy about how it turned out too.

After his girlfriend saw the video, Logan tells Mariana it worked and they are back together. He thanks her and tells her she is a great friend. Then she invites him to go to prom with her group next weekend since he doesn’t know too many people. He said it sounds great but his girlfriend, Olivia, will be there that weekend. He brings up all of them going together.

She agrees but is clearly disappointed. After he leaves, she gets an Instagram DM from Logan’s girlfriend. She thanks her for making the video but then messages her again and says that she knows what she’s doing. Also, she tells her she better stay the hell away from him.

In Other Family News


At first Stef didn’t want Brandon to host Mike’s engagement party at their house. But she comes around to the idea after talking to Tess. She tells Brandon she thinks he should throw Mike’s engagement party here because it’s the least she can do.

Stef and Lena talk about Emma and Jesus and how he gave her a ring. They discuss about what this could mean and his true intentions.

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