“The Fosters” S5 E8 Recap: Engaged

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In this weeks episode of The Fosters we celebrated the engagement of Mike and Ana. Of course, there was a lot of drama involved though. There was a lot of confusion throughout the family about Jesus and Emma’s supposed engagement and there was also some tension between Mike, Ana and Gabe. Keep reading to find out what all happened this week!


Celebrating Mike & Ana’s Engagement

During family dinner, everyone is throwing out their idea for prom. Mariana asked if anyone would help get prom set up and Brandon and Callie said they are probably not going to even go. But luckily, Jesus is allowed to go!

Brandon also says that this is the only weekend available for Ana and Mike’s engagement party so everything has to be ready. Jesus asks if Emma can come but Lena says it is a family party so no friends or girlfriends. But…Jesus says, she is not “just” my girlfriend. And Mariana goes, “oh right she is your fiancee,” and he storms out and leaves.

After dinner, Jesus brings out some food for Gabe and they discuss the engagement party. Gabe tells him he doesn’t really want to go because it’d be awkward and Jesus assumes it’s because he still loves Ana. However, Gabe corrects him and tells him he never actually came out and said that.

Jesus reminds him he said that she is the only woman he has ever loved, but Gabe said it doesn’t matter because she is marrying Mike. So Jesus of course, tells him it is because she doesn’t know how he feels about her. He urges Gabe that if he figures out how he feels about her not to wait until it is too late.

The Engagement of Jesus and Emma


While getting ready for bed, Stef asks Lena how long they are going to let Jesus go on thinking he is engaged to Emma. Stef is not a fan of “the engagement” being the only reason Jesus wants to go back to school. But Lena asks her if it really matters since he’s going back regardless. Lena also adds that with his TBI, the whole thing may be in his head anyway. But Stef does want to find out what Emma thinks about all of this.

The next day at school, Lena calls Emma into her office to speak with her. Lena holds her hands and notices there isn’t a ring. She tells Emma why she isn’t allowed over at the house and how thankful they are for how supportive she has been and for helping him get back into school. Emma says she is happy to help, whatever it takes.

Lena tells Stef later that she didn’t see the ring on Emma’s hand when she called her into her office. Stef asks her if she asked about the engagement but Lena didn’t want to embarrass her. She also informs Stef that she invited Emma to the party tomorrow because if she is the reason for getting Jesus back on track, it might not be the best idea to keep them apart.

Emma And Jesus At The Engagement Party

Emma comes over for the party and is greeted by Jesus. He notices that she isn’t wearing the ring and she tells him it’s because she was worried about his moms seeing it. But he tells her they are cool about it and they know they’re getting married. She seems a little concerned when she finds that out but then puts the ring on her finger.

Stef walks over to talk to Emma and sees that she is wearing the ring. Confused, she makes quite the funny scene to get Lena’s attention. Lena also accidentally tells AJ that Callie is applying to the arts school and Callie explains why she didn’t tell him. In the kitchen, Stef tells Lena that Emma is wearing the ring.

After the toasts, Lena follows Emma into the house and asks her what she is doing (we’ll get into why she went in later). Emma pretends to act fine but then breaks down crying. She says she really wants Jesus to get better and go back to school but she isn’t ready to get engaged. They decide they will both talk to him but Emma will first.

Lena tells Emma, Jesus’ recovery is not her responsibility, it is his and her and Stef’s. She also apologizes because she never thought about the burden she was putting on her. She tells Emma they aren’t ok with the engagement and they discuss how it is all in his head.

As Emma walks back out to the party, Stef comes in. She tells Lena they are going to have to fight to have him back and they’ll try anything. She says they are going to take away the treehouse and do whatever they need to.

Jesus Rages In Anger Once Again


Emma goes up to Jesus’ room and talks to him about the engagement and tells him she loves him but that she can’t wear the ring if it means what he thinks it does. She tells him she isn’t breaking up with him but they are too young to be engaged and that she can’t be the only reason he wants to go back to school, he needs to do it himself.

He takes the whole thing the wrong way. He yells at her and says that he isn’t a charity case and asks her if she thinks he can’t survive on his own without her. Crying, Emma tells him that is not in any way what she meant. He yells at her that he doesn’t need her and Mariana storms in telling him differently. She tells him he does need her, that she has stuck by his side throughout this entire process and she has been the best girlfriend ever.

He yells at the both of them and says that they can be best friends again but to leave him the hell alone. He tells Emma that if she doesn’t want him forever he doesn’t want her at all and she can leave. She doesn’t know what to say so he yells, “get out Emma.” And Mariana looks at him and tells him, “you’re so stupid.” Then he hits something as he watches Lena and Stef talk to Gabe outside.

Mariana walks outside and tells Emma that he doesn’t mean it and that he is going to get better. She tells Emma she misses him too.

Ana, Mike and Gabe


At the party, Mike goes over to talk to Ana and his future in-laws. Then, Ana’s father spots Gabe. She explains to her father why he is here. While this is going on, there is some signal between Jesus and Gabe.

Jesus walks over to Gabe and asks if he has talked to Ana yet but he says he isn’t going to say anything to her. But Jesus somehow manages to talk him into how maybe this is why she invited him…so he would say something to her.

Jesus leaves the two of them alone to talk. As they’re talking, Brandon spots them. And then they get a picture with Jesus and Mariana. Ana’s parents say what a beautiful family they are and question whether or not they made a mistake pushing Gabe out of her life. Oh, and Brandon overheard the whole thing.

As Brandon is giving a toast to Mike and Ana, him and Grace sing a song to them. While they’re singing, Jesus tells Emma it won’t be too long before they are throwing a party like this for them. Clearly she is very uncomfortable and walks into the house.

Jesus Meddles In Mike & Ana’s Engagement

Next up at the mic is Mariana and Jesus. Mariana has some beautiful words and congratulates them on being soulmates. When it is Jesus’ turn to speak he says he never thought he would have a relationship with Ana…or Gabe. He says that one thing he knows is that it is never too late, even if you think it is…

Brandon is understandably upset and goes to talk to Jesus. But Jesus asks him if he really wants his dad to marry Ana if she still has feeling for Gabe.

Later, Ana’s parents come over to Gabe and apologize for what they did years and years ago. They say who knows what would be if they had handled things differently. Then during their conversation Brandon, Mike and Ana watch the conversation unfold. Ana also thanks him for throwing the party and he is apparently bothered by what is happening.

Brandon Gets Concerned


Cleaning up from the party, Gabe asks if he can talk to Ana for a minute. And Brandon watches them going into the garage together. Gabe asks her why she cried when she told him she was marrying Mike and she says it is because of what Jesus said.

She says that Jesus has some crazy idea that they could still be together and Mike says, “what if we could?” He tells her he knows he blew it and when he got out of prison instead of feeling sorry for himself he should have found her and the twins and they should have been a family, they could still be a family. He says he would be a father to Isabella if it isn’t too late because he still loves her.

She tells him he has no idea how much she has dreamed of him saying this and wishing he came back but it is too late because she loves Mike and she can’t wait to marry him. And of course, Brandon is listening to the whole thing and smiles when he hears what Ana says. In the kitchen Mike is helping clean up and Brandon tells him that Ana really does love him.


The Adams-Foster Kids Take On Prom

Brandon is over at Grace’s trying to plan the party but is clearly having a hard time so she helps out. Then he gets a text from Mariana because she is on the prom committee. He tells Grace she probably doesn’t want to go to prom but her reaction says otherwise.

She totally wants to go because she has never been to a prom. But she tells him that they have to do it the right way and he can ask whenever he is ready. He keeps asking but she continually cuts him off and tells him when he is ready. I think someone wants a promprosal…

Brandon finally figures out his grand promprosal to Grace. As he thinks she is walking in from the grocery store, he handcuffed himself to the bed and wrote “will you go to prom with me?” on his chest. But when she turns around, it happens to be her mom instead…

He gets super nervous and umcomfortable and apologizes for how they are meeting. She tells him that Grace has no business having a boyfriend yet alone going to prom. Then Grace walks in and tells him the answer is yes. But of course, not without a scolding look from her mother.

Protests And Changing Majors At UCSD


Callie is in an interview with UCSD and the Dean tells her she thinks she would have a better time getting in if she chose a program less competitive. She tells her to apply for social work or psychology. As Callie is leaving her interview, AJ stops to talk to her. He tells her he is also interviewing for the arts school. She tells him she had no idea he was doing anything over than comics. He asks what major she is applying for and she says, “social work.”

Later, Callie shows AJ some of her pieces and he tells her how great they are. She tells him she is starting to think she should apply to another area and make a difference. AJ tells her that art can make a difference by creating awareness and moving mountains. He tells her not to take the easy route but to follow her dreams and do what she is passionate about. He also offers to be backup for the Shiloh McCullen protest.

Aaron Continues To Uplift Callie


Aaron talks to Callie about school and encourages her that even if she applies into the social work program she can always switch into another program. He then tells her that he got into his internship program in NYC and she couldn’t be happier for him.

Aaron also apologizes and tells her that he didn’t mean to make it sound like she wasn’t talented. He meant that she is also super passionate about the foster system and social justice reform. Additionally, he tells her that he is all for her art but asks if that is how she is going to change the world.

And Callie being Callie, she asks why she has to change the world and why she can’t just be herself. Aaron says, “from what I’ve seen, changing the world is you.” My heart…Callie also gets a text about the protest going into action and Aaron says he won’t tell her to be careful.

Stef walks into Callie’s room and tells her she is proud of her for taking a stand during the protest tomorrow. She asks Callie if she is sure she wants to join in and risk her chances of getting into UCSD. She tells Callie that she is nervous and asks her to promise that if things start to get out of hand that she makes the right call. And of course, Callie does make that promise.

The Protest In Action

In the backyard, Mariana is venting to Ximena and Callie about the new school model when Callie notices Ximena isn’t acting herself. Ximena tells them that she has had a rough couple days and her father is changing the family plan.

This new plans means if any of them get deported, it will be in Ximena’s name.  So if anything happens she is going to be Ximena’s legal guardian and that is anything happens to her parents, they want her and Poppy to stay here. It is clearly time for the protest to begin.

Later, at the UCSD protest, everyone is chanting “2-4-6-8, our university is anti-hate.” And AJ shows up the protest too. On the side, is Aaron watching the whole thing.

During the protest, someone from the opposing side starts yelling hateful things towards Ximena. He tells her to get out of his country and spits. Then he tells her “go back to Mexico, you third world trash.” Then he starts chantting, “build a wall!” Ximena fights back chanting, “say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here!”

In Other Family News


Things Aren’t Looking Great At Anchor Beach

Lena says that Monte offered to give her vote to the students and that hopefully they can save Anchor Beach.

At school, Taylor and Jude are handing out flyers to save Anchor Beach and vote no. Taylor even calls Anchor Beach “fascist.” He also tells Taylor he is allowed to play video games again and she asks if he has called the director back. Some people won’t take their side of the vote because of the new model of the Anchor Beach.

As Jesus and Mariana are hanging up flyers for the school vote, Jesus leaves to go to the bathroom and sees the new Anchor Beach model.

Back at home, Lena gets a call from Drew saying she needs to get to school.When she gets to the school he shows her that the school model has been destroyed. He checked the cameras seeing that her kids were the last ones in the building. What did Jesus do…

G-A-Y-ming Problems

Noah and Jude talk about his new job opportunity. Jude is extremely happy to hear that Noah isn’t mad about the time commitment. He also informs Noah that Taylor still doesn’t know she isn’t going to be a part of it.

Noah tells him to tell her that it is a great opportunity but he won’t do it if she doesn’t want him too. He is skeptical of what Taylor will say but Noah reassures him it will be okay.

Jude tells Taylor about the offer and how it only applies to him. He also tells her that he said even though it is a great opportunity he wouldn’t do it without her. Her response? She said wow, screw them.

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