“The Fosters” S5 E9 Recap: Prom

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In the summer finale of The Fosters, there was more drama and heart-wrenching moments than ever before. Logan’s girlfriend, Olivia, came to town for prom and Mariana gets herself trapped in a lie. Stef and Tess finally talk about everything that happened, immigration came after Ximena and there was some heartbreaking news we learned about Grace…

Let’s get into all of this right now!


Immigration Finds Ximena

The episode begins where last week’s episode left off – at the protest. Ximena takes charge and announces in front of everyone, “The real enemies of free speech are flame throwers, like Shiloh McCullen who seems to normalize hateful ideas that lead to violence actions against vulnerable communities. I know, I am an undocumented immigrant.” Someone yells at her again, “go back to Mexico.” She explains that this is not her America. Everyone joins in arms chanting, “love not hate, makes our university great” as Shiloh McCullen gets out and speaks in front of everyone.

While this is going on, someone behind Callie throws something on the ground that explodes in flames. Callie says they have to go but Ximena needs her to hold the line. Regardless, she grabs AJ and they run out of there. I am so proud of her for both participating in the protest but realizing when it was time to look out for her own good instead of everyone else’s for once.

Callie is talking to Aaron and tells him that she heard some people got arrested at the protest. Now Ximena isn’t even answering any of her calls or text messages. She tells him that she should have stayed but he explains that Ximena herself took a big risk by not leaving, considering her situation. And just as he asked who all was there, Mariana bursts in saving them from that super awkward conversation that was about to happen.

Immigration Awaits Outside Prom


Callie spots Ximena though and apologizes to her about leaving. She says that she is upset because of everything going on. She explains how her parents work two jobs and they are the jobs that no one else wants. Then she tells Callie that if this is what America is all about than maybe it was never great to begin with.

Later, Callie is sitting at the table alone and decides to get up and go out to talk to Aaron. While she is leaving, AJ can’t help but stare at her as she walks away. When she gets outside, the police are questioning people with a picture of Ximena asking if they know her.

Callie tells Stef what is going on. Next thing, Stef is walking Ximena out of prom. The cops stop to ask what is going on and she says she is taking her in for underage possession of alcohol. The cops says she was making claims against the United States and Stef fights back for her. They tell Stef that as soon as she processes her, Ximena is theirs.

When Stef gets back in the car after talking to the cops she realizes Ximena is no longer there. Then the cops watch as Callie and AJ drive away, with Ximena in the back…

Callie calls Jude and asks if Noah’s mom would give Ximena sanctuary since immigration is after her. He tells her the doors on the west side are always open. They barely make it in the church in time. Ximena then apologizes to Callie for getting her into this. And Callie tells AJ they don’t leave until Ximena can walk out without being detained.

Logan, Olivia, Mariana And Her New Boyfriend?

Jesus and Mariana are reading the note that Gabe left, which happened to be extremely short. Jesus is understandably upset, saying that he is “a man of few words.” But Mariana tells him that she has learned not to expect much from Gabe and Ana.

While they are discussing the note, Stef and Lena come in to ask if they’re responsible for destroying Anchor Beach’s model. Then Lena explains that next week the board is voting and they only need one more board member to turn over to save the school.

She also informs them that Drew is canceling prom because if someone is upset enough to deface school property than he thinks things could get out of hand at an event where people could possibly be drinking. Mariana comes back with a plan (as always) to have their own prom, at the derby warehouse.

Mariana Vs. Olivia


Out of nowhere, Logan walks into Callie and Mariana’s room. He says that her parents let him in…and who does he bring up? Of course, his girlfriend, Olivia. Mariana jumps up and tells her how pretty she is and that she loves her jacket. Replying, Olivia says thank you and tells Mariana that she loves her room. Then, she goes “oh, is that where you were lying with your shirt off?” Awkward…

Mariana tries really hard to be nice but she has to be fighting off some temptation to say something smart back because Olivia keeps coming at her. She tells Mariana she doesn’t need to be embarrassed that her and Logan are her prom dates. She explains that back at her high school the girls who don’t have boyfriends go in groups too.

But of course, Mariana lies and tells her that she does have a boyfriend…uhh what? She tells them its her ex but now they’re back together. Then she adds that she can’t wait to introduce him to them.

Later, Mariana walks up to Wyatt in school and asks if he would want to go to prom with her. She tells him he has to go because it’s his senior prom and then that he has to pretend to be her ex boyfriend. Then she tells him he owes her because he did take her virginity at the beach…

Mariana And Her Three Dates At Prom

At the prom, Olivia keeps bugging Mariana about where her boyfriend is until she finally spots Wyatt in a crowd. When she walks over to him she notices he is pretty high and drunk. He asks her if she wants some but Emma decides to take that offer instead. Then Poppy pokes Jesus and asks if he wants to take a picture with her. Can’t say I’m not jealous…

Mariana runs into Matt and they catch up. He tells her he has always admired how when she wants something there is no stopping her. While they are talking, Olivia asks if that is Mariana’s boyfriend. Jesus tells her it is her ex and Poppy asks if that is Wyatt, but he says no…Matt.

Matt tells Mariana he has been meaning to talk to her. He apologizes for how he ended things and while he is in the middle of something, Poppy interrupts. She tells him what Jesus said to Olivia.

Mariana And Emma Are…Lovers?


As Mariana was just about to ask Matt if he wanted to dance, his date came up. Poor Mariana, she feels as if she has no one. She then goes over to talk to Emma, who is clearly wasted. She asks Mariana if Poppy is Jesus’ date to prom. But as Mariana explains her whole situation to her, Emma says, “what if your ex boyfriend was really your ex girlfriend?”

Mariana and Emma, hand in hand, walk up to Logan and Olivia as she explains her ex is actually a girl because she’s “fluid.” Then they engage in a mini make-out session, Stef’s face after was priceless.

Later, Olivia and Logan ask Mariana where her girlfriend is. Then they see Emma making out with Jesus…and then Wyatt comes over and starts making out with her. Can’t say that Callie didn’t warn her this would backfire. She pretends like she doesn’t know what is going on…and then he says “that is no way to talk to the guy who took your virginity.” Oh my, could this episode get any more awkward?

Mariana is pretty sad, sitting alone and gets a text from an unknown number saying they know who destroyed the Anchor Beach model. Then Matt comes up and asks about the raffle. She explains everything and he tells her Zoey and him are just friends. However, he says he does want to dance with her. And while she leaves, the anonymous texted responds and says it is Nick.

Grace Has Leukemia

Earlier, Brandon is over at Grace’s talking to her and she tells him that her mom is making her move back home. She says her mom is worried about her on her own. She continuously tells him that she can’t because she pays for everything even though she desperately wants to stay. Grace feels she doesn’t even have a choice.

Back at Grace’s place, it’s just Brandon and her mom. She tells him that she isn’t some overprotective mother, she just can’t take care of herself. He tells her she has been and then her mom says, “Grace isn’t well.” Then her mother informs him that she isn’t fine and doesn’t want Brandon to know. She tells him Grace has a very aggressive form of Leukemia that has continuously been coming back during her life and it came back with a very bad prognosis. She explains that she is going to take Grace home and she will undergo chemotherapy and radiation and hope for the best.

Brandon Gives Grace The Best Prom


The night of prom, Grace walks out looking absolutely stunning and they get pictures together by her mom. My heart is breaking…

Brandon walks over to Callie who is sitting alone at a table and asks for the box he gave her earlier. Callie asks him if he is having fun but can tell something is wrong. He then breaks down telling her that Grace is sick and it’s pretty serious.

Brandon gives Grace a beautiful crown and tells her that if this was her own prom she would be prom queen.

During the slow dance, Grace starts to get really tired but she wants to keep dancing. Eventually, she falls asleep on his chest during the dance.

After prom, Grace and Brandon end up back in her apartment. She apologizes for being so tired and tells him that they can still go to Coachella. He tells her he loves her and she says it right back. It’s so heart warming yet breaking at the same time.

Tess Finally Confesses Her Feelings To Stef

Back at home, Stef and Lena are talking and Stef sarcastically goes on about how she wishes for Tess to tell her more about how straight she is. Then everyone starts arriving for prom pictures and Mariana tells Olivia her boyfriend is meeting them at the prom. And Tess asks Stef is they should take one car.

Tess and Stef talk at prom and Tess asks if she did anything wrong. Ever since their conversation, she says that she senses some tension. Stef tells her that she made some comments about their “alternative lifestyle,” and that when she told her how she felt in high school, Tess went out of her way to tell her how straight she is. Then, Stef asks her if she is homophobic. Instead of directly answering the question, she tells her they have gay friends in Baltimore. Stef replies and tells her that is like saying she has a black friend.

Then Stef reminds her of everything that happened in high school. For example, the cuddling, sleeping together in the same bed and the three hours talks they had together in the car. Tess replies and says that she didn’t mean to open up this “can of worms” and that this isn’t the time or place either.

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

Tess then sneaks up on Stef and asks if she has a minute.

Tess tells Stef that moving back to San Diego and moving in next door brought up a lot of feelings that she had repressed. She says the answer is “no, I was never like that with any of my other girlfriends.” Tess confesses to her that she has been unhappy in her marriage and she has been trying to figure out why but maybe all this time it’s because she has been living a lie.

She tells Stef she did have those feelings for her back in high school and has been denying them ever since. And Tess says, “what if I’m gay?” Callie comes and interrupts their conversation to tell Stef that the cops are looking for Ximena. Next thing, Stef is walking Ximena out of prom.

Aaron Gets Jealous Of AJ


Aaron asks Callie at prom if she thinks her moms would let them take a road trip this summer. She asks about his internship though and he tells her he didn’t end up taking it. I am sensing some jealousy coming from Aaron…

After Callie and Aaron take their prom picture they run into AJ and his prom date. Awkward, right?! Callie tells him she didn’t expect to see AJ here and he asks when the last time she saw him was. She tells him she sees him at school all the time.

Then Aaron asks Callie why she didn’t tell him that AJ was there. She tells him that she didn’t know he was spying on her and that her and AJ didn’t go together. Then Callie explains all he had to do was ask what AJ was doing there. It was unnecessary to try and trap her in a lie.

She asks Aaron if the reason he turned down his internship was because he doesn’t trust her. His response? It wasn’t too hard for him to steal her from AJ so why would it be too hard for him to steal her back….She fights back and tells him that she isn’t a piece of property and he never “stole” her. Callie tells him she is done if that is how he thinks of her.

In Other Family News

Jesus Begs For Emma Back

During prom,Poppy pokes Jesus and asks if he wants to take a picture with her. Can’t say I’m not jealous…While they’re getting their pictures taken, Emma spots them and gets pretty sad. Can’t say it wasn’t her fault though…

Later, Jesus stops Emma as she comes out of the bathroom from throwing up. He tells her how much he loves her and that it doesn’t matter right now if she doesn’t want forever, he cares about now. He also apologizes for not being himself and asks her for another chance.

Monte Is Leaving Anchor Beach

Back at home, Monte comes over because she needs to talk about something important. She tells Lena that she got offered a new job at a new charter. Then she asks Lena to join her as Vice Principal. Eavesdropping on the whole conversation was Jude.

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