“The Fosters” S7 E2 Recap: Exterminate Her

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Feel free to finally breathe again as all of the physical and emotional peril the Adams-Foster family went through last week is finally starting to calm down in this weeks episode. While there is always enough drama going on in this household to keep us on the edge of our seats it isn’t nearly as bad in this episode. This episode also provides us with many answers to last weeks episode. So let’s get into it!

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The Fosters S5 E2 Recap

This week’s episode begins with Callie, Stef and Lena in the car coming home discussing Callie’s charges. Since Callie willingly got into the van, Stef says it will be hard to have the kidnapping charge dropped. She’s quick to remind Callie she could have been killed or raped so it is nothing to be celebrated.

Walking into the house, Robert threw Callie a surprise party with all of her siblings. He said earlier he received a call from his lawyers that all of her charges were being dropped. Celebrating Callie getting saved from her mistakes once again is not something that pleases Stef and Lena. They had to pull Robert aside and talk to him about what he was doing.

Following that, they sit down with Callie and talk to her. Robert says how he wants to spend more time with her and support her in making good, smart decisions (we all know Callie could use support in that area). Stef also tries to encourage her by saying that she is surrounded by so much opportunity that she can take advantage of if she so chooses.

Her parents urge her to follow up the arts professor that took an interest in her senior project and to finish her college applications since she’ll be graduating this year. The conversation comes to an end as Stef says, “you need to decide who you want to be going forward because this girl is not acceptable.”

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Jesus Vs. Mariana

During the surprise party Jesus and Emma discuss her leaving for another robotics competition without Mariana on the team this time. Emma also asks how Jesus’ treehouse senior project is coming but interjects that she is sure Mariana will be taking over  control of the entire project in no time. Emma’s comments cause Jesus to hesitate when he questions how long she is going to stop talking to Mariana – only for her to answer “forever.”

After his conversation with Emma, Jesus tells Mariana he wants to do the senior project alone so he can prove to everyone that he is capable of doing something on his own. She doesn’t take this too well…

So Mariana tries to take things into her own hands as she goes to talk to Gabe. She informs him of what Jesus just said about the senior project but tells him to tell Jesus he won’t help with the senior project unless she can too because he can’t choose sides. She also tells him that Jesus may not even be a senior next year…*sigh*

Gabe is left in the middle of a sticky situation so he talks to Stef about it. Stef says this may be true but is still up in the air because a lot of things with TBI’s can be uncertain. Gave desperately wants to tell Jesus this because keeping things from him blew up in such a big way last time…however, Stef tells him it is strictly her and Lena’s decision.

But of course things never happen as planned in The Fosters and it ends up slipping out of Gabe that Jesus may not be a senior next year…to Jesus. A little less dramatic than less week, Jesus comes storming into the house yelling about the senior project and how everyone keeps hiding things from him. Stef is fuming with anger and orders Jesus up to his room just as Emma walks in the door.

Emma goes upstairs to visit Jesus but before she can walk in his room she sees him throwing things around his room destroying whatever was in his sight. All while screaming and groaning. This is the moment where we really see Jesus and Emma’s relationship reach a turning point, unfortunately.

Later in the day, Gabe apologizes for telling Jesus who even offers to take summer school if it means he’ll be a senior and eligible for his senior project. But once again, nothing can ever have that easy of a solution when it comes to The Fosters. Lena has to tell Jesus that Drew is no longer funding money to the senior projects for juniors. Before Jesus can completely throw a fit, Gabe offers scrap wood and to have Jesus’ birth uncle donate the other materials.

Yes, we are finally nearing the end of the Jesus drama for this week’s episode. But before that – Jesus and Emma FaceTime where she explains that she can’t come over anymore and that she won’t be able to see him before she leaves. She’s very short with Jesus and before he can even finish saying “I love you,” Emma hangs up on him.

And to top all of it off, Jesus talks to Mariana and asks her if its okay if he asks Emma to work on the senior project with him instead. Mariana gets very defensive and tells him its fine since he already told her he didn’t want her help. But for some reason, I have a feeling that Emma is not going to want to work on the project with him…

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Callie Changing Her Life Around

With her mama’s urging to follow up with the art professor, Callie decides to show up to the art program. While speaking with the professor she realizes she doesn’t have anything to put in her portfolio other than her senior project to apply to the school. Disappointed that Helen, the art professor, can’t really help her, Callie rides home with her father and tells him of the unfortunate news.

Feeling let down once again, Callie is slowly losing hope on her art school dreams and gives the “OK” to her high school to toss her inspiring senior project. Shortly after though, Callie runs downstairs almost out of breath, telling Stef and Lena that Helen called and is letting her audit the classes and helping her build her portfolio so she can apply for school this year.

Callie’s assignment for the next class is to bring in an object that defines her – struggling, she decides to bring in her new art set that her father bought her. Ximena, one of the girls in the class questions Callie about her decision to choose the art set as what defines her because she is clearly already an artist. She explains that Helen doesn’t let just anyone come in and audit classes.

This is when it dawned on her…Robert must have talked to Helen. Upset with her father, Callie ditches his ride back home and goes to Ximena’s derby practice instead where Brandon picks her up later to go home.

Walking inside, Callie’s greeted by Stef, Lena and Robert who was worried sick. Practically in tears, Callie tells her father “I can’t be the girl with the rich dad who writes a check to get into art school.” Much to all of our surprise, Robert explains he never gave Helen money but did talk to her about how Callie never had a chance to build up her portfolio because of everything she’s been through. And this is when we see a rare, very emotional side of Callie.

She tells them that she is having a real hard time believing that she isn’t “disposable.” She can’t forget everything that’s happened to her. And with Lena to the rescue again, she takes Callie outside where her amazing senior project stands (thank God Lena saved it). She reminds Callie that no one wants her to forget everything that has happened to her, they just don’t want her to repeat it. Taking the award for the best parents once again are Stef and Lena.

With some new found motivation, Callie sends Ximena a picture of the object that truly defines her, her late mother’s necklace. Ximena’s response? “Fearless.”

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Anchor Beach Problems

Taylor shows Jude a picture of an opinion piece from the upcoming school newspaper regarding the protest against Anchor Beach going private. Mariana, Taylor and Jude talk to Lena about how unfair the representation is in the article but then Marian starts scheming. She rewrites the piece and sends that one over to be published instead.

After this becomes published, Drew confronts Lena about it. He says whoever is at fault for this may be in grounds for expulsion. So Drew decides to temporality shut down the paper and informs Lena he is no longer funding juniors for the senior projects for the time being.

New Neighbors

While watering the plants outside, Stef meets the husband of the new neighbors next door. She can’t believe how friendly he is and that they may finally have some great neighbors. And he offered to pay for a new fence too!

In the meantime, Mariana and Lena run into the wife of the new family next door and their son. While discussing which new schools they’d be looking at they mention that they definitely will not look at Anchor Beach since thats the school a kid brought a gun to…awkward, right? Oh by the way, Mariana and the son can not stop exchanging flirty looks back and forth. Is this going to be Mariana’s new love interest?

While they each separately met members of the new neighbor family, Stef and Lena decide to walk over to formally introduce themselves and bring over a welcome-to-the-neighborhood-plant. The husband greets them at the door and then his wife walks over, which is where things get slightly intense. Stef blurts out, “Tess?” And she can never seem to get her words out correctly after that…

Wrapping Things Up

What can we expect in next week’s episode? I sure hope we get some answers as to how Stef and Theresa know each other…I’m sensing some intense drama over at the Adams-Foster household.

Don’t forget to tune in to FreeForm next Tuesday night at 8/7c for an all new The Fosters. And as always, be sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on all social media! Let us know your thoughts on this weeks episode, see you back here next week!

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