“The Fosters” Season 5 Premiere: Resist

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The Fosters Season 5 premiere was better than ever and much more dramatic than we’ve seen. We left off at the finale of season 4 with quite a few nail-biters. They threw a lot at us this episode, so lets get right into it!


The Fosters Season 5 Premiere Recap

“Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!” The episode begins with this chant from Mariana and other students in their protest against Anchor Beach turning into a private school. After a bit, the students get their last warning and Lena tries to convince Mariana to leave and come back another day. Mariana’s response? “Hell no, we won’t go, private school is a no!”

However, Drew comes out and tells the students, “you lost, it’s over, Anchor Beach is going private.” And you guessed it, Mariana starts up another chant: “Hell no, we won’t go.” As he tries to get past Mariana who would not budge, he shoves her.

Disgusted and appalled, Monte and Lena try and figure something out. Monte claims she is not going to resign yet as principal because she remembers that Drew took the vote. And he isn’t even the official principal yet… Is Monte going to save Anchor Beach? I sure hope so…

Jesus Rages in Anger Against Brandon

But if you thought that was bad, just wait. Things get a little more intense with The Fosters when Jesus as he tries to piece together what happened with Brandon and Emma…it begins when Ana comes over to see Gabe. In the middle of a deep conversation about what it means to be Mariana and Jesus’ biological parents, they catch Jesus storming into the house in a complete rage.

When I say complete rage, I mean we have never seen Jesus like this and that says a lot. He runs through the house with a baseball bat smashing Brandon’s keyboard, breaking through his bedroom door and destroying everything in sight.

Poor Jesus, he really believes that Emma would cheat on him…the two explain to Jesus the situation and that Brandon was only trying to help her through a really tough time. With enough encouraging and explaining, Jesus finally believes them and he and Emma have made things good between them once again.

Callie Comes Face-to-Face with Danger

Okay, so now to the part of The Fosters I know you just can’t stop thinking about – Callie and the pimp. What was Callie even doing putting herself into a situation like that?! Well, like always, she was just trying to help out a friend which always seems to cause trouble.

(Freeform/Nicole Wilder)

This time, Callie was just trying to protect Diamond and get her away from Russell, her pimp. He becomes infatuated with Callie  and says “you could be a real knockout with a little help.” He tells the other girls to come into the room and do “Christina’s” makeup.

Meanwhile, Stef is following Callie’s phone to track her down, but unfortunately the phone is with someone else. Stef finally chases down the man in the car but claims he “never seen no girl.” Back at the All-Star Inn, Diamond gets a hold of a phone and texts Stef their location. 

(Freeform/Nicole Wilder)

As soon as Stef receives the message she calls for backup to the All-Star Inn. Which is where Callie tells Russell who she really is and that her cop mom is on the way. Things take a turn for the worst when Russell threatens to kill them and Diamond takes the gun. But JUST in time, Stef comes to the rescue once again!!

After everything starts to settle down, Stef decides to break the silence in the car with Callie. “Troy Johnson confessed, he confessed to Martha’s murder. You almost didn’t stay alive long enough to find out. What’s it gonna take Callie for you to start valuing your life?” Stef told Callie straight up how it is and what we’ve all been thinking for a long time now.

What Does Callie’s Future Hold?

So, does Callie have to go to prison anymore? With the new confession from Troy Johnson will her case be dropped? Is Monte going to save Anchor Beach from going private? Is Jesus ever going to fully recover from his TBI? So. many. questions. Hopefully The Fosters will get us some answers next week!

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