“This Is Us” Season 2 Premiere Reveals Huge Details of Jack’s Death

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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers about the new season premiere of “This Is Us”.

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This Is Us continues to take us on an emotional roller coaster. The season premiere started off it’s normal witty, endearing and heart warming vibes. Perfect for our fall television line up.


My heart could not help but break when listening to William read one of his poems he wrote for Randall. I don’t think we will ever recover from losing William in season 1. His time with us was short lived, but I am hoping to see more of him in season 2 flashbacks. Much like the scene with Beth in the park.

William inspired us in season 1 to live life while looking through a kaleidoscope. Like Randall, we want to honor the way he looked at the world and the mark he left behind, but it seems Randall’s idea of honoring him is, as Beth said, recreating the situation he grew up in. In a way, it’s beautiful, but we understand Beth’s hesitation. A child is a life time commitment.

The Truth

When talking to Rebecca, Randall discovered she had originally said no to adopting him when Jack brought up the idea after losing one of the triplets during birth. That is just another thing that makes this show so perfect. These are conversations that happen everyday. It is amazing to see life portrayed so beautifully on television.

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Movie Role

Kevin had quite the character development. He took that movie role he was offered at the end of season 1. Will the distance cause tension in his relationship with Sophie? It seems he may be latching onto Kate more so than normal. It is even beginning to take a toll on Kate and Toby’s relationship.

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New Love

Sweet Kate! We finally got to see her accept herself and start to be open to the idea of love with Toby. They opening scene in this episode was absolutely perfect. Toby encouraged her and made her feel confident going into her audition. Chrissy Metz, being the amazing actress that she is, broke our hearts when Kate decided to skip the audition. I could not help but let myself weep for her. Many of us girls have been in her shoes. I wanted to take her hand and walk her back into that audition.

When Toby found out that Kate skipped the audition you could see that he was disappointed purely because he believes in her to the fullest amount. This could not compare to the look on his face when he realized Kate had already told Kevin about the audition. I think Toby is starting to feel overlooked by Kate because of her closeness with Kevin. This all of course leads to Toby leaving dinner and having an intense conversation with Kevin.

This all of course leads to Kate realizing that she is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone to coddle her. She puts on her big girl panties and walks right into that audition confident as ever. Even though she doesn’t get the gig, she makes it a point to let the casting directors know that she is not too big to be the lead singer in any band. She gives this amazing inspiring speech that totally rocks our socks off!

The Separation

Jack and Rebecca’s separation in the beginning of the episode was not unprecedented. We saw at the end of season 1 that there was tension. By the end, Jack admits to Rebecca that he has been struggling with a drinking problem and had been hiding it for months. After trying to close the door on Rebecca and trying to make the decision to fix it on his own, Rebecca demands in the most beautiful way that he get in the car and come home. Marriage is a two person job and these two know that better than anyone.

The ending of this episode left me with chills. The last 2 minutes of the episode revealed more details about Jack’s death and we are so not ready for that episode. Questions answered have only left us with more questions.

What are your theories? What do you think happens to Jack? Do you think Kate will go to more auditions? Let us know!

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