It’s Time to Party on a Weekday with Olivia Holt #MusicMonday

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It’s #MusicMonday again, and we know that the only thing you really need to survive Monday and the rest of the week is something to jam out to! Well, look no further, because Olivia Holt, wants us to “Party on a Weekday!”

So as if Olivia hasn’t been slaying enough already, she has now also released a song with MYBADD called “Party on a Weekday.” I’ve been listening to it all weekend, but now that the weekdays are finally here, it’s even more relevant to my life and yours.  I mean, c’mon, we all need some sort of motivation to keep us going! Especially on a Monday.

Thankfully, we have Olivia and MYBADD brining us something to jam out to.  The lyrics literally reminds us, “Who cares about the weekend when we’re finally free.” So along with the upbeat of the song, the lyrics and everything about it scream PARTY! It’s such a fun song that reminds us to stop waiting for the weekend to come because if we do, we’ll end up missing out on the fun of life.

So it’s time for you all to get pumped for today and the rest of the week because you need to party on a weekday! Listen to the full song right here.

And of course, we need the teaser video:

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