A Twist on a Classic Tale on OUAT

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An old classic has quite the twist in The Other Shoe! 


Welcome back Ella!  All the previews were making it seem like we hadn’t met you before…but don’t worry we do remember.  And it was lovely seeing her Thomas and baby all happy in Granny’s diner.  Not to mention the beautiful ball!  Sure it looks like a screen cap of the Lily James film, but it’s still enjoyable.


To break up the timeless tale of Cinderella and add to the adorable factor is Hook.  His interaction with Ella’s child is the ultimate AWWW moment!  Even Emma watches on, smitten with her beau.  Hook doesn’t stop there with the adorableness, he also has some bonding time with Henry.  Can Hook be ready to start a family with Emma?

Speaking cute couples, Snow and Charming had some adorable moments as well (until the end, which I’ll get to).  It’s nice to see Snow wanting to teach again and Charming being, well, charming about it.   He’s the support system all ladies wished they had in a relationship.


Back to Ella’s story…so turns out Ella is not the saint we all believe her to be.  Her “evil” stepsister Clarinda has fallen for the footman, much to her mother’s chagrin.  She reveals this to Ella after Ella assumes Clarinda had won the Prince.  It turns out the Prince was only congratulating Clarinda on her impending engagement to the footman.  But Clarinda knows her mother will not be happy with her choice in a suitor. But Ella has a plan…she has a key her mother left her that leads to the Land of Untold Stories. Clarinda and her love can live out their days there away from her evil mother.

Thrilled, Clarinda goes to tell her beau and Ella is left at home until her evil stepmother arrives.  She tells Ella she will never marry the Prince and threatens to smash her glass slipper if Ella doesn’t tell her where Clarinda has run off to.  Ella in a panic yells the location of Clarinda and her evil stepmother smashes the glass slipper anyways.  She locks Ella in the house and seeks out her daughter.

Ella isn’t alone for much time until Snow arrives with handsome Prince in tow.  He doesn’t need the glass slipper, he knows she’s the one.  They quickly become engaged and Ella runs off to stop her evil stepmother from ruining her stepsister’s happy ending.  But she’s too late.  Her mother knocked out Clarinda’s love and took her to the land of untold stories.


Back in Storybrooke, Ella is going after Clarinda to help her find her love, only to be tricked by her stepsister and stepmother.  Ella explains to Clarinda she never meant to ruin her happy ending and that the farm they were in was Jacob’s barn (the footman).

Suddenly, the evil stepmother walks in with the boy.  Ella ends up on the end of Lady Tremaine’s sharp cane as she tried to protect Jacob.  Emma, Henry and Hook run into the barn in the nick of time (as heroes do) and Emma brings up enough strength to save Ella.  This ending was not what the Evil Queen had envisioned for Emma, having told her earlier that Ella was one person she couldn’t save.


Emma: 1

Evil Queen: 0

Not that we’re keeping score, but Emma won this round.  The Evil Queen never lets that get her down though.  She frees Hyde and now they’re close allies, ready to wreak havoc on Storybrooke.

Some havoc already wrecked was on Charming.  The Evil Queen teased him about his father’s death and Charming wants answers and possibly revenge.  After a visit to Rumple, Charming finds out his father’s death wasn’t an accident.  Someone had stabbed him.  Snow begs Charming to let it go (see what I did there?) and focus on family.  Forget the past and live in the present with her and baby Neil.  Charming agrees with his wife and tells her he will burn the information given to him by Rumple.  But as Snow leaves, the paper never touches the flames…

Let me know in the comments and via Twitter (@kristincarole13) what you thought of the second episode!  Will Charming’s actions destroy Snow?  Will Hyde help the Evil Queen’s cause?  AND WHO WAS THAT STRANGE PERSON SWEEPING THE FLOORS AS HYDE ESCAPES WITH THE EVIL QUEEN?!   Until next time Oncers!

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