Two Is Better Than One on OUAT: S6 EP4 & 5

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It’s a double recap for Once Upon a Time!  Jekyll and Hyde meet their end and then it’s off on a magic carpet to Agrahbah!

ONCE UPON A TIME - "Strange Case" - The Evil Queen and Hyde continue on their quest to steal Dr. Jekyll's serum; Snow looks forward to her first day back as a school teacher; and while Emma looks forward to Hook moving in with her, Hook finds himself trying to protect Belle from Mr. Gold, who has made sure she can't leave the confines of the pirate ship. Meanwhile, back in the past, Rumplestiltskin helps Dr. Jekyll complete his serum to separate a man's personality into two - good and evil - but his help comes with a hefty price, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) ROBERT CARLYLE

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Rumple cut his hair!!  Can we all take a moment to mourn his locks, but helloooo new do…I approve of the new look, it highlights his eyes as both the Evil Queen and Regina pointed out (I love that attention to detail with OUAT that both ladies said the same thing).  Rumple is once again trying to go straight and put Belle and baby’s needs before his own.


When Rumple gets a visit from the Evil Queen and newly escaped Hyde, he finds his ladylove and warns her and Hook that they’re in danger with Hyde free.  Hyde has it in for Rumple so the way to really get to him is to go through Belle.  Also much like Rumple, he puts a protection spell on the Jolly Roger that not only keeps Hyde out but keeps Belle in.  The book smart heroine is obviously not pleased to be trapped by her hubby.



Now what could Rumple have done to tick off Hyde?  That’s where the flashbacks come into play…in short Dr. Jekyll loves Mary, Mary’s dad doesn’t like Jekyll’s science projects and thinks they are dangerous, future with Mary is bleak until daddy likes and accepts him into the science program.  Down on his luck, Rumple shows up to tell Jekyll he can turn it all around if he took the split personality potion.  With nothing left to lose, Jekyll takes the potion, turning himself into Mr. Hyde.


Hyde has the guts (and looks) to do what Jekyll cannot.  He threatens Mary’s dad with exposure (of an affair with a young girl he’s been carrying on) in return for acceptance into the program.  Not only that, but Mary really takes a liking to Hyde. One that she never had for Jekyll.


When Jekyll wakes up in bed with Mary, he realizes she fell for Mr. Hyde.  Mary tells Jekyll she could never love him because he will never be Hyde.  Furious with that confession, Jekyll fights with Mary and pushes her out the window.  In a panic, he takes more of the potion so Hyde thinks he’s the one who pushed her out the window.  Confused and devastated, Hyde heads back to the lab where Rumple is waiting for him.  Rumple is disappointed that Hyde could still love even with his split personality.


Back in present day, Hyde tricks Rumple into giving him the Dark One’s dagger so he can control him.  He takes Rumple to the Jolly Roger to watch Jekyll try to kill Belle (Jekyll blames Rumple for Hyde stealing Mary).  Thankfully, Hook had left a shell for Belle to call him with in an emergency situation, so he rescues her just in time, killing Jekyll.


But the twist is, it doesn’t kill just Jekyll.  Hyde dies when Jekyll does, leaving Regina in a panic about her and the Evil Queen’s situation.  Will she need to die in order to save everyone from the Evil Queen’s clutches?  Does this mean there’s still evil within Regina?



There’s nothing like a little sisterly bonding in Storybrooke, including kidnapping and manicures.  The Evil Queen is playing to Zelena’s wicked side, entrusting her to keep her hostage – Archie – in the house.  This does lead to some rather hilarious moments with Archie having to babysit little Robin and eventually he gets turned back into a cricket, Jiminy cricket.


Now why would the Evil Queen kidnap Archie?  Well she needed to impersonate him so Emma could spill all her secrets, specifically her visions.  Of course, Emma is tricked and opens up to “Archie”, allowing the Evil Queen to unravel our group of heroes.



In the meantime, we are also following the story of Aladdin and Jasmine.  Like the tale we all know, Aladdin is the most infamous thief in the city.  But in this version, Jasmine seeks him out to help her find an item that could defeat the evil Jafar.   They head to the “cave of wonders” but the item wasn’t what Jasmine was after, she wanted to test Aladdin if he was indeed the diamond in the rough, the Savior.


Needless to say Aladdin passed the test.  He is the one that’s supposed to lead Agrahbah out of darkness and defeat Jafar.  But the pressure was too much.  Jafar approaches Aladdin with shears he can use if he wants stop being a Savior.  Aladdin resists at first that is until he has visions of his death and Jasmine parts ways.



Aladdin explains all this when he meets Emma in Storybrooke in present time.  Jasmine led our heroes on a quest to find Aladdin, hoping that all Saviors do not die.  It turns out Aladdin lives, but he used the shears Jafar had given him.  He passes them to Emma to let her decide if she wants to change her fate.


Earlier, Emma gets exposed by “Archie” aka Evil Queen with her hiding her visions from her family.  She fills them in.  Snow explains she will always forgive Emma, but the lies may take their toll on Hook.


Emma tells the heroes that she doesn’t want to use the shears Aladdin gave her.  Part of his problem was he didn’t trust Jasmine, but Emma trusts that together they can find another way.  She sends Hook to through them to the bottom of the sea.  He tells her the deed is done…but we find out, Hook is not always a man of his word and keeps the shears in his pocket.


Seriously writers?! Why do all these characters keep lying to each other?!  I feel like they are all like little kids who keep sticking their fingers in the electric socket, getting electrocuted, but continuing to do it again expecting a different outcome…COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO A GOOD RELATIONSHIP CAPTAIN SWAN! Hook is moving in with Emma too, this betrayal isn’t going to be hidden long in such close quarters.


Let me know in the comments and via Twitter (@kristincarole13) what you thought of these episodes!  How will Emma find out about Hook’s betrayal?  Is Regina the hooded figure in Emma’s visions?  Until next time Oncers!

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