“Once Upon A Time” S6 E2: A Bitter Draught

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Things take a deadly and sometimes flirty turn in A Bitter Draught! Flashbacks are back and a new untold story will be revealed!

"A Bitter Draught" (ABC/Eike Schroter)

“A Bitter Draught” (ABC/Eike Schroter)


The infamous Count of Monty Cristo story is the feature of the week and he’s out for revenge. As Regina puts it to Snow and Charming “do you want to know every time I tried to kill you?” Well the Count is another assassin hire. Regina had hired him in her Evil Queen days, bargaining with the swordsman who wants revenge on the people who burned his village and killed his fiancé.

If the Count kills Snow and Charming, she will give him the names of the people who ruined his life. Seems like a fair trade. Rumple doesn’t like this trade since he’s trying to convince the Evil Queen to use his means of killing Snow and Charming instead (The Curse). Rumple put a spell on the Evil Queen so she can’t harm Snow and Charming herself and she puts a spell on Rumple so he can’t harm the Count. But it’s Rumple so he always finds a way around it.

As the Count is about to poison Snow and Charming, he’s deterred when the lovely maiden Charlotte shows up. Rumple takes this weakness in the Count to his advantage by poisoning Charlotte. He gives the Count a key to the land of untold stories. If the Count leaves with Charlotte, she won’t die in the land of Untold Stories. But they have to stay there forever. But obviously this doesn’t happen…


As Regina and Henry visit the crash site looking for clues on the Count, Regina comes across a dead Charlotte but when Regina tries to touch her, a magic spell weakens her powers. A spell cast by The Evil Queen. “Hello Henry, Mommy’s back” The Evil Queen announces to them.

I have to say thankfully they haven’t gone the route of mistaken identity yet. Probably because the Evil Queen loves being Evil so she wouldn’t pretend to be Regina, finding her now lame and weak. And she’s had more sisterly bonding with Zelena, since Zelena didn’t tell Regina about the return of her evil sister.

The Evil Queen has a plan for Regina and the rest of Storybrooke, potentially a love story with Rumple…


.Yeah so apparently the Evil Queen has a thing for Rumple. Is he the one that got away? Does she just like the idea of an Evil Power couple? I’m not sure I love Evil Queen hitting on Rumple or if I want to hide behind my pillow. The Evil Queen is testing everyone’s strength right now.

Regina didn’t pass that test when she ends up killing the Count in order to save Snow and Charming. The Evil Queen shows up to gloat telling Regina a true hero always finds a way around killing. But Regina may not be the only hero who has killed.

Charming’s father’s death may not have been an accident and she teases him about it. I’m sure it will play out in the worst way for the Charmings. The Evil Queen already revealed her plan: to get all the heroes to tear themselves apart as she watches (a plot point another Disney entity, Captain America Civil War, played with).


Our two other lovebird heroes Hook and Emma are giving help and seeking help, respectively. Hook has a heart-warming moment with Belle, giving her quarters in the Jolly Roger so she can be safe from Rumple. He’s also trying to make amends for his past with her, which she appreciates since Rumple was never able to make those kind of changes.

While Belle gets new digs, Emma finally seeks help with Archie. Sure she still refuses to tell her family and friends what’s up with her shaky hand but she did tell Archie about her visions. So I guess that’s progress? It’s still all a bit infuriating. I like the symbolism though with her not having her leather jacket all episode. It shows her vulnerability.

Her major revelation comes on her last meeting with Archie where she realizes in her vision Regina is missing and that the hooded killer could be Regina (THAT’S WHAT I SAID LAST WEEK!).

Let me know in the comments and via Twitter (@kristincarole13) what you thought of the A Bitter Draught episode! Is Regina the mysterious hooded killer in Emma’s dreams? Until next time Oncers!

PS – Dear Henry, Temple of Doom is not better than Raiders of the Lost Ark! Sure, it’s slightly more complicated but insinuating that makes it better is nonsense.

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