“The Voice” SEASON FINALE: See Who Won!

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Live Finale Night 1

For the live finale night one each finalist sings not just one song, not two, but three songs! One of which is an original as well as a duet with their coach. The stakes are the highest they have ever been for the performers last chance to earn America’s votes.

Starting off the live finale is team Adam’s former child star, Billy Gillman.  He is taking on a more masculine number with a Sinatra song.  From the beginning of the show he has been a frontrunner and after this performance it just validates why.  Starting off the night with a standing ovation from all four judges, and not his first one of the season.  

Next up is the second member of team Adam, Josh Gallagher singing his original song “Pick Any Small Town.” This original song and performance is what country stars dreams are made of.  

We McDonald and Alicia Keys hit the stage next for a beautiful duet to the Stevie Wonder version of “Ave Maria.” The contrast of their voices was extraordinary and it is no surprise to why We ended up on team Alicia.  

Sundance Head is up next to perform his original song, “Darlin’ Don’t Go.” The second original country song of the night that is sure to top the country charts.  

Billy Gillman and Adam decided on “Bye-Bye Love” for their duet.  Holy cow! Talk about changing the tone of performances…in the best way possible!  Such a fun, upbeat performance by two incredibly talented performers.  

We’s original song was written just for her by one of Alicia’s favorite writers, Harold Lilly.  The youngest contestant left shows once again why she deserves to be in this finale.  Tears filled the room and all coaches were on their feet.  

It has always been coach Adam’s dream to beat Blake with a country singer, so performing with Josh Gallagher makes that dream seem a little bit closer.  They went in a surprising direction singing “Smooth” by Santana, but it was another great performance which is to be expected in the finale.  

Country coach-member duo, Sundance and Blake, sing “Treat Her Right” next for their duet.  After this performance it is very clear that there is going to be much to critique from the finalist’s performances tonight.  

Josh’s last performance of the night is singing the world-famous “Jack and Diane.” While he may not take home the title of “The Voice” it is clear that of the finalist, this guy is by far the best performer.  He knows how to work a crowd!  He belongs on a stage.  

Quick moment of recognition for Miley Cyrus, because although she does not have a team member in the finale, she is lookin’ GORGEOUS tonight.  

Sundance ends his night of performances with “At Last.” As the coaches have said before, it’s hard to even come up with complimentary words anymore.  

Billy Gillman’s last performance is his original song.  We find out that “Because of Me” was actually meant to be a Maroon 5 song, so the pressure is on for Billy to make this a hit.  After his debut performance of it, we have very little doubts.  

The final performance of the night is the only female and the youngest contestant left, We.  She sings “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” What a way to end an incredible night of performances.

Now it’s Americas biggest decision yet!  Who will take home the title of season 11’s “The Voice.” Bets are on Billy Gillman or Sundance Head, but never underestimate the element of surprise!

The Voice Finale Result Show

To nobody’s surprise they pulled out all the stops for The Voice season 11 finale.  We saw performances from all finalists as well as other star-studded performances from Ariana Grande, Stevie Wonder,  John Legend, Sting, Cam, The Weeknd, KISS, Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars! HOLY COW!  Talk about a night.

Now to the important part, the results! Not to much surprise coming in fourth place is team Adam’s country singer, Josh Gallagher.  Coming in third by America’s votes was first-time coach Alicia’s, We McDonald.

This leaves team Blake’s, Sundance Head and team Adam’s, Billy Gillman who have been front runners since the knockouts, but who did America choose as “the voice?”

Season 11 winner is…….. Sundance Head!!!

I have to say I was a little surprised by this decision, but pleasantly so.  Congrats to all the finalists and coaches because this was another incredible season.  

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