“Young and Hungry” Recap: Young and Assistant

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There is nothing more fun on FreeForm than watching Gabi mess up over and over again! It always seems as she’s got it all together but in the end she’s not all together. But her cuteness, kind heart and goofiness makes it all enjoyable! Lets jump into “Young and Assistant” and find out what happened THIS TIME.

So Josh was soon o release his new app, and he hired an assistant so be his sidekick. No harm in that, except when assistant Randall is a suck up who tries to make everyone else look bad. He fist tries to do Yolanda’s job which is to clean the pent house, then he tries to do Elliot’s job which is doing on the press work behind Josh’s apps and stuff then HE HAS THE NERVE to tell Gabi what Josh should eat? Umm yea no, that didn’t even fly with me! LOL, jk! But seriously, by need to back off.

So the trio try to find away to get rid of him. First off they send Gabi on a date with him. Thinking that if Josh sees sparks between them, he will fire Randall. Well that failed. Randall ended up telling Josh that Gabi sexually harassed him. Haha too funny! Gabby is HOT, who wouldn’t date her. Ill tell you who, Josh! Okay sorry, off topic. So plan B comes into play which is that Yolanda and Elliot were to get Randall super drunk to the point where he wouldn’t show up to work for a few days and Josh would have t fire him. Fail again! Randall snuck out of the bar and Yolanda and Elliot were the ones who showed up to work late and hungover!

Finally they catch Randall when Josh sent him to deliver the app which is on a flash drive. Before that though, the trio heard him through the vent saying “he doesn’t know and he doesn’t suspect a thing”. So the trio put a GPS in Randall’s bag. They find out he goes to a Tech company. Randall returns to Josh’s with blood and ripped clothes, saying he got beat up because he told some guys he works for Josh. As everyone is taking care of him they realise that the blood is fake. Randall confesses to stealing Josh’s app. However, Elliott tells him that before he left he switched the flash drive, and the one that he handed to his friends has photos of his and Allen’s wedding! Then Yolanda said that she switched that drive with one of her flash drives LOL! Then Gabi says that she found a blank drive, so the drive that Randall gave to his friends, was COMPLETELY EMPTY! As he tries to get away he slips on the floor and when Josh gets back, they tell him everything. Yay the trio won! Yeah right, get real. Will we ever get an ending like that? Nope! Josh ended up saying that he switched the first flash drive and he locked the real one with the app in it, in his cabinet, the same one where Gabi got the “blank flash drive”. Hahah oh Gabi!

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