“Young and Hungry” Recap: Young and Bowling

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She’s the MAN! Or woman? Who cares! Young and Hungry’s episode “Young and Bowling” was hilarious and also a bit heart warming. Let’s get started shall we?

Gabi entered a family recipe into a contest and won! In order to claim her prize of $5,000 she must show proof of her relative which is aunt Chris. Gabby tells Josh and Sofia that due to some family problems she is not willing to get in contact with her. Sofia gives Chris’ full name to Josh and they look her up. They find out that she is living in San Fransisco and is part of a bowling team at a local bowling alley. After some convincing, Gabi goes to the bowing alley to find aunt Chris.

When Gabi arrives she meets this guy who has the same exact name, and even the same tattoo on his left forearm of a pie with the words “cutie pie” over it, just like her aunt Chris. Gabi and Sofia can’t help but think that, that man is aunt Chris. Gabi works up the courage and goes up to Chris and explains who she is and why she might think that he is her aunt. When Chris admits that he is her aunt, his bowling team is in shock. In a desperate attempt to keep his secret she yells that there are ants in the bowling alley, and pretending to kill one she drops the bowling ball but it lands on Chris’ toe. Off to the emergency room!

Gabi goes home feeling bad and with no hopes of having a relationship with aunt Chris. To her surprise Chris shows up at her apartment and they sit and talk. Chris explains that it was hard for him to come around her and the family after his transformation. He also express that he’s missed Gabi so much. Gabi mentions that she feels awful for breaking his toe and so to make it up to Chris and his team she asks Josh to play in the Championship game since Chris has a cast on.

Josh hasn’t bowled since he embarrased himself in front of his crush when he was kid. He agrees to play, and with much fear he is the last bowler, gets a strike and Chris’ team wins! Once again, Gabi messes up and Josh is there to help. #Gash or #Jobi forever!

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