“Baby Daddy” S5 E19 Recap: Condom Conundrum

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Oh no! Emma accidentally used Bonnie’s earing to poke holes in all of the condoms in Ben’s stash! Ben, Tucker, and Danny find out that the condoms mysteriously all have holes in them. They freak out because they’ve all been using them which means all three of their girlfriends could be pregnant. Instead of talking to the girls about the situation they decide to make them each take a pregnancy test without knowing. The guys end up buying pregnancy tests that only need saliva to work.

Meanwhile, Riley got a new assistant at work that is driving her crazy. He gets everything wrong and is more of a burden than an assistant. She enlists the help of Bonnie to help her get rid of Rodger. Riley has a hard time being direct so she wants Bonnie’s help. Bonnie ends up finding out that the reason Rodger is behaving so incompetently is because he’s in love. She feels bad for Rodger so she decides to help him find his confidence and get the love he deserves. Her plan takes a pause when she finds out about Emma poking holes in Ben’s condoms. She freaks out and runs to tell the women.

All the men have been attempting to get their girlfriends saliva but the plan is just not working. After the ladies find out the truth from Bonnie, they freak out and immediately take pregnancy tests. They are ecstatic to find that none of them are pregnant but extremely annoyed when they find out that the men knew all along. To get their revenge, the girls plan to fake pregnancy symptoms and scare the guys. The plan goes great and the guys think each of their girlfriends are pregnant.

Later, Bonnie finds out that the person Rodger is in love with is Riley. Bonnie does everything in her power to stop Rodger from professing his love for Riley. She chases him all around the apartment building while he attempts to get in and see Riley. The guys are inside with their girlfriends acting like they’ve just discovered the holes for the first time. The girls let them sweat a little until eventually telling them that they faked the pregnancy symptoms. Tucker’s girlfriend storms out angry with him while Riley and Sam stay and talk. Riley makes Danny promise to never hide anything from her again and just as he agrees, Rodger storms through the door and professes his love for Riley. While Sam and Ben are talking they discover that they have different opinions about children. Ben eventually wants more children but Sam doesn’t see that in her future. Ben brings up Emma and Sam says she can deal with Emma and get used to her. Ben wants more for him and Emma’s future so he breaks things off with Sam.

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