Celeb Car Collections: Get the Look for Less

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Over here at Pop Hearts TV, we’re clearly celeb-obsessed. When we’re not reading the tabloids and catching up on all the hottest stories, we’re surfing the internet for the latest style trends. From fall fashion to the must-have accessory of the season. There’s one thing that’s caught our attention lately. That would be celebs making some major statements with their car collections.

Our favorite stars, from Kim K and her sisters to James Corden and his carpool karaoke companions, are bringing style to the streets. Here’s how you can get their looks for less, without breaking the bank:

Model Behavior:

Did you know that everyone’s favorite it-girl, Gigi Hadid, is the spokesperson for the latest BMW M2 (MSRP from $51,700)? The car is packed with power and super stylish. No wonder Hadid was on board with being a part of the BMW team. If you’re looking to get the Victoria Secret Angel’s look without breaking the bank, check out the Subaru BRZ as a low-cost comparison. With a starting MSRP of $25,495, you get exceptional handling and the same sleek styling. It’s sure to turn a few heads as your cruise down the road (or runway).

Photo Credit: Edmonds

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Red Carpet Ride:

Easily steal James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” style. Instead of Corden’s Range Rover Sport (MSRP from $84,50), go for the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum (MSRP from $53,235) – it’s practically identical to the Late Late Show host’s ride. Only a small downside – we can’t promise that One Direction comes with this one.

Photo Credit: Edmunds

Photo Credit: Edmonds

Rap Style:

Drake may have “Started From the Bottom” but his Bentley Continental (MSRP from $198,500) shows he’s made it to the top of the game. Cop the rapper’s style with the Lexus RC 350 (MSRP from $42,780) or go for the most popular Bentley look-alike, the Chrysler 300 – the rapper even calls out the comparison on his latest album, VIEWS.


Photo Credit: Edmunds

The Kardashian Wannabe:

Kim Kardashian is always the center of attention when it comes to the tabloids – probably because her customized Mercedes G-Wagon (MSRP from $119,900) makes her an easy target for the paparazzi. Get the G-Wagon look without spending like a Kardashian – the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk (MSRP from $42,995), outfitted with refined interior and modern exterior, is modeled after the reality star’s favorite Mercedes. Get ready to throw off the paparazzi.


Photo Credit: Edmunds

Going Green:

Turns out, stars care about the environment just as much as we do. Take actress, Eva Longoria, who publicly gushed over her Tesla Model X (MSRP from $74,000), as an example. Want to go green like the “Desperate Housewives” star? The Kia Soul EV (MSRP from $27,910) gives you ample interior room and plenty of range, just like the model’s Tesla counterpart. Going green, without all of the “housewife” drama at the dealership.

Photo credit: Edmunds

Photo credit: Edmonds

Want to get more information on these models? Head over to Edmunds.com for all the details, from the MPG down to the tech features.

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