“Secrets and Lies” S2 E8 Recap: The Racket

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Eric stops listening to his family and starts relying on his instincts.

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)


If you’ve tuned in to the companion web series, “Cornell Confidential,” as I’ve told you to do, you’ve already been introduced to our newest badass female cop working VICE, Felicia!

Andrea and Felicia team up after the two realize their investigations into the whore house on Mint Hill Drive overlap. Andrea’s interested in its connection to Patrick, Melanie, and Kate’s murder, while Felicia’s on the war path to take down sex traffickers…aka Melanie.

Meanwhile, Eric fires Patrick from SEG and spills the beans to his father and their company attorney about Patrick’s illicit affairs, and he all but throws Patrick under the bus to Cornell. Lucky for Cornell that Eric isn’t as turned off by her as Ben Crawford became, or she wouldn’t get the inside scoop with plenty of documentation to boot.

However, Cornell’s involvement may be irrelevant as Eric is dead-set on the fact Patrick more than likely killed his wife, Kate, since he has kept so many other lies about his life a secret from Eric. He’s ready to see Patrick locked away for good.


Danny is still on the hunt for his daughter, who, at this point may be someone we’d want to consider a suspect in Kate’s murder. She has been missing since then, after all. Did she runaway after committing a horrible crime? Or did she see something that could help us crack the mystery?

Eric’s secretary is still in the thick of all the family and business chaos. She really does hear and see everything that happens at SEG, so do we think her lies outweigh those of her coworkers?

Eric’s pop has left us with a puzzling look on our faces at the end of this episode! He appears at the same suspicious location as our would-be killer! Or are we being taken for a ride?

Are one of the above people who Melanie believes to be the killer? Because she’s ready to share her theory to Cornell if she can snag a sweet deal out of it.


Get a better look at some of those juicy brothel photos Cornell snagged from Melanie’s whore house.

There’s at least one naughty character lurking in them!

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