“The Fosters” S5 E4 Recap: Too Fast, Too Furious

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Wipe away the tears and get ready to talk about Too Fast, Too Furious….this weeks episode was all about figuring things out and trying to let them fall into place. From Callie and Aaron to Jesus and Emma, we had a whole lot of drama thrown at us all at once, so let’s get into it.


Mariana’s New Experiment

So what’s the deal with Mariana? She has lost her boyfriend, basically all of her friends and her spot in the STEAM club. And as we saw in last weeks episode she forged Lena’s signature to join the derby team. I can’t be the only one who questioned whether or not she would actually follow through with it…right? But Mariana proved me wrong.

She shows up to her first derby practice with a box full of sweets and a new mentality. However, fall after fall, (thank God for the butt pad) she becomes quickly discouraged. But like she says, “she isn’t good at being good.”And we’ve noticed…

Okay, but what’s awesome is the potential that Ximena sees in her. She wants Mariana to practice with the jammers instead of her own sister, Poppy. So cool, right? Mariana may have finally found something meant for her. And maybe good friends too?

Poppy even her texted her later and asked if she wanted to join her and the other girls for a movie at 1:30 tomorrow. Just as she gives the thumbs up, Lena walks in and freaks….She sees Mariana has a huge brush burn on the back of her leg. As Mariana does best, she lies and says she fell at school. Thank God Lena didn’t see the brush burn on her arm, right?


Jesus & His New Meds

It’s time for Jesus to get a checkup for his TBI and things start to unfold from what he overheard last week. The doctor said he still has a fair amount of inflammation in the brain so he must continue taking his anti seizure meds. This is not good news to Jesus because the meds aren’t exactly great for his sex life. Popping off to the doctor about his problem, Stef explains there’s still a bit of a problem with impulse control and emotional outbursts.

Jesus chimes in and blames it on the fact that his mama’s are genuinely afraid of him. He admits he heard them talk about what a monster he is and how dangerous he is to be around. Heartbreaking right…But they explain they’re just nervous that he can’t control his emotions.

So the doctor starts him on a low dose of his ADHD medicine and prescribes him another type of anti-seizure meds. As Jesus leaves to get blood work, Stef and Lena ask the doctor why he isn’t getting much better and he explains how the brain has to regenerate itself and that emotionally, Jesus still has work to do.


Emma’s Afraid Of Jesus?

For the last few weeks we have watched the nail-biting drama unfold between Jesus and Emma. What made it so cringe-worthy was the fact that Emma has not been completely honest with Jesus. She’s been playing with his emotions and causing him to worry about the status of their relationship. But now it looks like it has finally ended.

Emma stops Brandon in school one day and asks him if there is a story about Jesus with a baseball bat because she saw his door smashed in.

Later, she video chats him while she is still at school and once again, is just so weird. There really is no other way to explain her off behavior. Jesus tells her he got new meds and asks if she wants to come over but she explains that she is still on East Coast time and has a ton of homework to catch up on. But like, who in their right mind declines hanging out with Jesus?

When he asks if they’re okay she wants to talk about it later, but Jesus doesn’t give up that easy. Emma tells him she knows what he did to Brandon’s door and his keyboard and that she is genuinely afraid he is going to do something like that to her too. So I guess, that’s a pretty good reason for Emma’s weird behavior lately.

Confrontation: Jesus and Emma

Jesus storms outside and unloads on Brandon, blaming everything on him. “Why can’t you just keep your mouth shut, man?” Jesus shoves Brandon, who shoves him back. Not a good move though on Brandon’s part, does anyone remember how this whole TBI thing started?

So Jesus decides to go see Emma after wrestling practice because he has to know if they’re done. She knows he is mad that she got an abortion without talking to him first. Under the circumstances, he explains he’d be prepared to be a father versus instead of having her get an abortion.

Emma fights back and says she would have gotten an abortion regardless because its her body and her choice. She isn’t ready to be pregnant and have a baby or give it up for adoption. She explains she can’t be with him if he is always going to be mad about that or continue tormenting Brandon because he was only trying to help her.

As Jesus starts to say something, Emma interrupts. “Don’t tell me what I want to hear, tell me what’s the truth.” And walks away. So is it fair to say Jesus and Emma have broken up? I guess  we will have to wait and see. I hope they find their way back though because they are definitely my favorite couple.


Callie & Aaron Discuss Taking Things To The Next Level

So last week, Callie and Aaron’s date was a complete disappointment. But in this weeks episode, they have clearly moved past that whole situation. There is a whole lot of kissing going on but now without Stef walking in on them. As Aaron offers to have Callie over to his place, she is led to think it’s only because he wants to have sex.

And remember how everyone told Callie she makes situation more complicated than they have to be? Well, she does that again. She decides to talk to her old friend Cole about how the whole sex thing works so that when the time comes, she doesn’t offend Aaron.

When Aaron finds out Callie went behind his back to talk to someone other than him about their relationship, we see a whole other side to him. He get’s pretty upset, which is honestly understandable. He doesn’t even want to have sex yet with Callie, he wants to build a stronger relationship with her first. And make sure he isn’t a rebound since sex is a very emotional, important step to him.

I love that The Fosters threw that in. I think it’s awesome they showed that not every guy out there is only looking for sex in a relationship. With all of the hookups and problems that start up from sex throughout the show, it’s great they finally show a relationship starting out from something more than just sex.


In Other Family News

Jesus and Brandon finally make up. All it took was Emma being completely honest about how she felt to Jesus. He walked into Brandon’s room and apologized for taking everything out on him over the last few weeks and that it is only because he is afraid he will never be himself again. Brandon is straight-up with him and tells him he won’t. He reminds Jesus of his hand injury and that it took a lot of patience and hard work, but, he finally played the piano again. He just had to learn how to play it differently.

After most of their relationship has been going full-speed, Brandon and Grace decide to slow down. At first, Grace is offended  because Brandon literally moved in with his last girlfriend. But B explains that he wants this relationship to work because he really likes her. Taking things slow can make things work a whole lot better in the long run than moving too fast can, clearly.

Stef and Lena sit down with Jesus to discuss going back to school. They tell him that first he will have to take a test to measure where he stands academically. After that, he’ll have to get an educational aid that will attend all of his classes with him. Raging with anger, he exclaims he’d rather drop out of school and work construction the rest of his life with Gabe. He tell’s his mama’s that he’s 16 and can make his own decisions.


See You Here Next Week

All I am hoping for next week is for Jesus and Emma to get back together. And I have a feeling Mariana is going to get caught…only time will tell. Make sure you tune in back here next week to get the full scoop. And as always, be sure to follow @PopHeartsTV on all social media!

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