“The Fosters” S5 E10 Recap: Sanctuary

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We can finally breathe again because…The Fosters is back and more intense than ever! Hard to imagine how the show could possibly become more intense right? Well we left off with Logan’s girlfriend Olivia coming to town for prom, Brandon finding out about Grace’s leukemia, and immigration coming after Ximena. So let’s get into what went on with the Fosters family this week!


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) After Ximena

The episode began with AJ and Callie talking in the church while Ximena repeatedly tried to call her family. Steph finally arrived and the cops informed her that Ximena’s DACA status has expired.

Back at prom, Lena informed Poppy about Ximena’s situation and gave her a ride back home. Poppy called Ximena extremely worried to find out what had happened. Pulling up to Poppy’s house, they see Immigration standing outside with her parents. Ximena tells her to hang up the phone and record what is happening. They take Poppy’s parents and tell her she has to go with Child Protection Services since Ximena is not here as her guardian. Mariana recorded the entire thing.

At the church, Steph is asking Ximena about her DACA status. Ximena said that she reapplied but hasn’t received anything in the mail yet. However, her lawyer was on the way and should know. Callie then tells Ximena that they they took her parents and Poppy is with CPS. Mortified, Ximena wants to leave and save Poppy, but Callie reminds her she is no good to anyone if she also gets deported.

XImena’s lawyer finally arrives and informs them they are not getting out of the church anytime soon. He also tells her that CPS is not going to let them be Poppy’s guardian without her DACA status. Mike walks in and tells them that they have a problem..the police have arrived.

The Police Are Getting Involved


The pastor of the church walks out to talk to the police and tells them they will need a warrant to come inside. Steph tells the cops that Ximena did not escape custody and that she was made to believe she was underage drinking but the breathalyzer came back clear so she let her go. They really don’t believe that story.

Steph tells the police they are punishing Ximena for speaking out at the rally and that she is a good girl who does not deserve this. She asks them to not comply with ICE and to let this go. They agree.

The lawyer tells Steph that they may still be sitting around because they can try and get a warrant with the FBI to go after Callie and AJ. The police admit to it because they helped an immigrant find sanctuary. They said that they can go inside and get their children as long as Ximena comes out and then it will all go away.

The pastor of the church comes in and brings them blankets, pillows, and clean clothes from their clothing drive. She tells them that they can talk to her or pray. Ximena tells her she doesn’t know how to pray to a God that would tear apart her family and put them all in this situation. The pastor admits that she does not either. She doesn’t believe in a God that controls every little thing that happens. She believes in Emmanuel – the name of God during Christmas time. It means “God with us.” And she tells Ximena that God is with her always – in things big and small, strength to carry on, to keep hope and with other people.

Spreading Awareness And Going Viral

Callie apologizes to AJ for getting him mixed up in all of this. But he says he knew what he was getting into. She tells him that she cannot stand by and watch bad things happen to people.

Brandon and Mariana get a notification that Callie is live on FaceBook. It is Ximena speaking from her heart about the situation that has just happened. She is crying, saying her and her family have done nothing wrong. Callie tells everyone to share the video with anyone they know because they need to get this story out there.

Callie facetimes Ximena while she is at the church alone and tells her she is working on a profile for her with all of the videos and editing something together to put online and pass along so they know her story. Ximena asks Callie if they have found Poppy, then Poppy gets on the phone and tells them that they are fostering her while she is stuck in there.

Is There A Cure For Grace?

Now, to the Brandon and Grace situation. Grace woke up in the middle of the night with chills, feeling like she had the flu…Brandon calls Grace’s mom to come and look at her because she feels so sick. Her mom feels her forehead and says she is burning up.

After taking her temperature of 102 degrees, they go to the emergency room. While at the hospital, Grace finds out that Brandon knows about her cancer and tells him to get out. She is really hurt after after finding out, leading her to believe that last night at prom was a pity prom for her.

Waiting For Some Good News

After some time away, Brandon comes back to the hospital. She tells him it is okay that he knew without telling her and that she would have done the same thing. He tells her that isn’t the reason he wanted her to have an awesome prom – he had been planning it. He asks her though why she didn’t want him to know. She tells him she was diagnosed with leukemia at nine years old and can’t remember a time where people hadn’t looked at her at the sick girl with cancer. She didn’t want that to change their relationship as well.

Grace tells him they both know that she has to go home and his whole life is here. She tells him they need to say goodbye because it cannot possibly work out anymore.

Back at the hospital, the doctor finally arrives in the room. She tells them that it is good she came in and they will get her stronger in a few days. Then, she informs them there is a new treatment, Gene Therapy, they offer for reoccurring adolescent leukemia which she qualifies for. The doctor says that more than 80% of the candidates go into remission. She tells them though there are a few life threatening side effects though. Grace wants to do it though. Brandon interjects and tells her mom that she can decide what she wants to do.

Is This The End Of Callie & Aaron?


Back at the church, Callie takes a few photos and is sitting at a pew thinking about everything. She talks to AJ and asks him why he was outside with her while immigration came for Ximena. He explains that he wanted to make sure she was okay after it looked like her and Aaron got in a fight. He asks what they were fighting about and she says it was about him…it always is.

She says that maybe she should let her relationship go with Aaron and AJ asks her if she wants out. AJ admits that being with someone else would make getting over her a lot easier, but maybe he doesn’t want to get over her..

Callie And Ximena Are Closer Than Ever

While trying to fall asleep in the church, Ximena tells Callie that she never knew her and AJ had history. Callie jokingly asks her if she is interested and Ximena says, “I don’t date boys, I’m gay, I never told you?” And Callie responds and says “no, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Ximena tells Callie this is her worst nightmare and she thanks God she isn’t going through it alone.

After reuniting with her family she sees Aaron. He asks her if they are okay.

Back at home, Callie explains everything to Aaron and that she was going to come to the car and talk to him. She also tells him that there is nothing between her and AJ at all. She says she cares about him so much but she thinks they need to take a big step back because they jumped into things too fast and that is a big reason they have trust issues. And that if they want it to last or be something good they need to rebuild it and start as friends for now.

Aaron takes it a little hard but he agrees and thinks she is right.

In Other Family News

Drama With The Neighbor Boy

Logan’s girlfriend, Olivia, asks Emma why she was all up on Mariana at prom, figuring out it was an act. Emma admits it was an act. She explains that she was freaked out by the nasty DM Olivia sent her. Logan had no idea about that..

Mariana Gets Nick Involved

Emma asks her what she saw on her phone a few hours ago. She tells her it was a text from Nick. He told her that he knows how to save ABCC. Emma tells her they don’t know what is going to happen and tells her not to do anything stupid because he cannot be trusted.

Jude And Noah Are In Love

In bed, Jude tells Noah that he hates not knowing what is going to happen to Callie. Noah tries to comfort him but Jude says that you never know with Callie. Noah tells him that no matter what happens though, he is there for him. He tells Jude he loves him.

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