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“This Is Us” I Call Marriage Recap: Why We Should Be Questioning Miguel & Shelly’s Divorce

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In the latest episode of This Is Us titled, “I Call Marriage,” the storyline evokes much thought amongst viewers about the dynamic of Jack and Rebecca’s perfect love story versus Miguel and Shelly’s bland, lifeless partnership.

Throughout the entire season, it is seen time and time again how Jack and Rebecca’s relationship proves to be one where the stars truly have aligned, just about giving us a fantasy of a dream marriage. Seriously, just when you think they can’t get anymore perfect, Jack always has to do something that makes us all swoon. #HusbandGoals. However, now we’re shown that after years into marriage they’re experiencing a different dynamic in their relationship; it’s not like it used to be, but there is still a will to stay committed.

Contrary to Jack and Rebecca’s desire to keep the spark alive, Miguel and Shelly reveal at dinner to Jack and Rebecca that they will be going their separate ways, leaving them dumbfounded. Anyone who has followed the show throughout the season is well aware that Jack ultimately dies at some point and Rebecca ends up with Miguel later in life.

Why Viewers Should Be Skeptical

As the bits and fragments of the puzzle start piecing together, it’s hard not to wonder: what is the real reason behind Miguel and Shelly’s divorce? This episode, Miguel divulges to Jack how he and Shelly started to simply drift apart over the years to the point where she didn’t even notice that he was no longer bringing her coffee in the morning every day; this was something he had done for her since day one of their relationship. That was the gist of why they were splitting. But… come on, now. There must be something deeper than that.

My question is: has Miguel been in love with Rebecca all along? It may actually be possible. Maybe that’s the reason he gave Jack such a surface level answer. It’s clear that although he’s been supportive of the couple from the beginning, he’s subtly envied the relationship between Jack and Rebecca. He even spoke out on the day of their wedding and told them that he trusts they’d keep their lifelong “big” promises to one another. It came out as a lighthearted comment, but was it kind of a dig towards them deriving from his jealousy?

The query still lingers, now 15 years after the wedding: Is Miguel jealous of Jack because he has truly found a soul mate, yet he himself has settled for a less than satisfying relationship? Or does he envy Jack because he is actually the one that ended up with Rebecca?

Viewers can’t jump the gun just yet and assume Miguel’s intimate entry into Rebecca’s life was intentional, but then again… could it have been? Miguel is also seen being extremely flirtatious with a secretary in one scene, insinuating he is fully at terms with emotionally cheating on his wife. Even though we don’t have evidence at this point, Miguel’s desire for another woman could have certainly been an influence on his split with Shelly, whether she knew he had his eye on Rebecca or simply another woman we don’t know about.

Questioning the split between Miguel and Shelly is certainly valid; his very specific yet “playing it safe” response to Jack was just a bit fishy bearing in mind they are best friends. Jack seemed more upset about the divorce than Miguel did. However, if a man is in love with his best friend’s wife, could he ever really tell the truth?

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