“Young and Hungry” Recap: Young and Fostered

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All right for a second I thought we were starting off on a sad note with Young and Hungry. As we know though, the writers never let us down, and do a great job at keeping us smiling and laughing!

Young and Fostered started off with Gabi missing her mom. In case you forgot, Gabi’s mom passed away five years ago. Well to feel like her mom is still present Gabi texted her saying she loved her. Just when she thought she wouldn’t get a response her phone rings and it’s a message fro her moms number! Obviously its not her mom, its some guy named Peter. Sofia and Gabi look him up and are quickly satisfied with is appearance and the fact that he is a freelance journalist for the Rolling Stones!

Over at Josh’s everyone is awaiting the arrival of Elliot and Alan’s 3-year-old foster daughter Keisha. When she finally gets there they find out she is teenager! While everyone is trying to baby her and win her over with gifts and money and plans for her, all she wants to do is teenage girl stuff. Which lucky for her, Gabi takes her to the mall and to the diner for some milk shakes.

While hanging out, Keisha tells Gabi that her mom died. Gabi tells her that she too lost her mom. Gabi shares stories with Keisha about cool her mom was, and encourages Keisha to talk to her mom when she needs something. Can I just say that this scene was too cute! We got to see a different side to Gabi’s character. She sure acted as a big sister!

Later that night as Gabi is about to go on her date with Peter she gets a call from Elliot saying that Keisha ran away. Gabi ditches her date, well actually tells Sofia to go on the date for her, just so he doesn’t meet anyone else. LOL!

Gabi, Elliot, Alan, and Josh all go looking for Keisha. While Alan and Elliott wait at the diner for Gabi and Josh, Elliot starts to realize how worried he is about Keisha, he even calls her his daughter. This totally gets Alan super duper happy because at first Elliot was against having a teenaged daughter. A few minutes later Keisha pops put from behind a booth and both parents jump with excitement. As Keisha is talking and explaining where she was at, she calls them her dad’s. Awe!!! Insert heart emoji!

Back at the apartment the next day, Sofia shows up with flowers. She tells Gabi they are from Peter and Gabi quickly says she doesn’t want anything from him. Sofia confesses that they’re from him to her as a thank you for helping him write the review from last night’s concert. Wait there is more! The editor loved Sofia’s piece and gave her another gig. Yay! Sofia found something new. She found her passion! Bye-bye two both current jobs that she hated by the way, and hello to the new!

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